Man tortures his sister-in-law with…
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Man tortures his sister-in-law with constant pranks: his brother leaves his birthday party in defense of his wife

September 01, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

How far can one go when making a joke or pulling a prank? There are people who, unfortunately, don't understand the limits and believe they can do just about anything. The worst thing is when this type of person is one of the family. People like this will sometimes  stage a "prank" that will ruin everyone's day. This is what happened to a Reddit user who complained about his brother "Joker Rob".

via: Reddit

The man began in his story by stating: "My brother, 'Joker Rob', is the self-proclaimed 'joker of the family'. He loves to play pranks on everyone, including strangers. His pranks, in my opinion, are not funny and could cause serious conflict." His brother's over-the-top, 'humoress' behavior has affected relationships within the family. When the subject of this story got married to his fiance, Halle, Rob didn't hold back from playing all kinds of pranks on her too: "He pranks her by doing things like hiding her glasses or pouring vinegar into her tea. He says he does this to make Halle 'one of the family'," explained the man.

After the author and Halle had a child together, the family immediately bombarded the couple with requests to come see the baby. The couple, however, decided to limit the number of visits. In fact, many family members only got to meet the baby when he was already 4 months old. Rob's birthday was an occassion for the family to all come together again, but things did not exactly go well.

"Rob invited us to his 30th birthday and asked Halle to make a birthday cake," explained the man, "Not just a basic vanilla cake, but one of those highly decorated cakes that take a lot of time and effort to make. I was reluctant to go to the party (and even more hesitant about Halle making the cake), but she assured me that everything would be fine. Rob paid upfront for the cake he wanted and Halle even made some additional cupcakes." During the birthday party, however, not everything went as planned: Rob kept telling Halle to "watch her back" and, out of the blue, he threw cold water over her without any warning. Halle was holding the birthday cake and instinctively dropped it the moment the cold water hit her. Rob immediately accused her of dropping the cake on purpose, despite Halle apologizing.

Halle's husband jumped to her defense: "I yelled at Rob that he was an irresponsible idiot. I snatched up the cupcakes that Halle had made (and which hadn't been touched yet) and left the party with her. The next day, I woke up to a bunch of angry messages from Rob, saying that I did not have the right to take away the cupcakes because he had paid for them. He also added that none of this would have happened if Halle had been able to take a joke," the man said.

The Reddit community fully agreed with the author of the post, condemning the absurd behavior of his brother. What would you have done in his shoes?

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