Dad is forced to change his son's diaper in the women's restroom, but is told off: "You can't come in here"

Mark Bennett

July 20, 2022

Dad is forced to change his son's diaper in the women's restroom, but is told off:

There are still many stereotypes about parenting that still seem so ingrained and widespread. For example, a father cannot change his baby's diaper properly and it should be done by the mother. Yet, in today's fast-paced pace world and with parental parity becoming the norm, some dads are even better than moms when it comes to diaper-changing table skills. However, some public environments do not take this into account, and the places where diapers can be changed in public areas have not recognized this fact. In fact - in the vast majority of cases - the changing rooms are located inside the ladies' bathrooms. This has created many problems for a new father who asked the Reddit community for their opinion on whether or not they felt he had behaved in an unseemly way when he decided to go into the women's bathroom to change his son's diaper.

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"I am a 31 year old man and father, and yesterday I was in a big supermarket with my son when he did what children have to do. I went to the toilets and saw that there was no family bathroom - only one for men and one for women. I went into the men's room and saw that there was a cubicle and some urinals, but no diaper changing table. Even the sink didn't have a counter top," explained this dad.

So, he came out of the bathroom and searched for a mall attendant to ask where the changing table was. A clerk pointed to the same bathrooms, but the father said that there was no changing table inside the men's room. The clerk, a woman, suggested that he look again and now annoyed, he agreed to look again in the men's room for a table. "When I came out, the clerk was gone. Bear in mind, that my son was wearing a dirty diaper the whole time this was happening," he commented. So, he gave up and headed into the ladies' bathroom, where there was a changing table. As soon as he crossed the threshold, a woman who was washing her hands pointed out to him that she had entered the wrong bathroom.

“I told her I needed to change my son's diaper and said," There's no changing table in the men's room. "She laughed and said,"That's disgusting." Then she walked away. I rushed over to the table to change the diaper, hoping I would be done before someone else walked in. As I was almost finished, a woman came in and started yelling at me. I tried to explain what I was doing, but she kept yelling "Get out! You can't be in here! Then she stormed out," said the father.

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Once he finished changing the diaper, the man rushed out of the bathroom: he saw the woman who had stormed out talking to the employee and decided to leave quickly so as not to get into trouble. "The clerk tried to signal me to stop, but I rushed to my car, buckled my son into the car seat and took off. My wife said I did the right thing, but my mother said that I was 100% in the wrong. My sister couldn't stop laughing at me and that doesn't help me at all", concluded the father.

The Reddit community unanimously supported the man, stating that he - in fact - had no choice but to use the only changing table available. "The shop is 100% responsible for this situation. I would not be shocked if in the past they have received complaints about it and did nothing. Your mother is completely wrong. You had to change your child. What did she expect you to do, change him on shop floor? Come home with a dirty diaper? Your wife is right: you did the right thing and the lady who reported you was rude and ignorant. Who does that? Yelling at a father for changing his son's dirty diaper? That's crazy." !" commented one user.

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