Woman is not allowed to breastfeed in front of her in-laws: "my husband says I might make them feel uncomfortable"

Mark Bennett

July 06, 2022

Woman is not allowed to breastfeed in front of her in-laws:

The arrival of a baby is a happy event that inevitably changes the balance and everyday life of the new parents. You have to get used to nappy changes, naps and - of course - feeding time. Nowadays, breastfeeding is a habit accepted even in public places, to the point that some shopping centers have set up special "corners" for new mothers while they are doing their shopping.

However, some people still do not feel comfortable around this practice, even if they consider it "natural". A young woman got angry at her husband because of this: sharing her story on a Reddit forum, the 23-year-old woman wrote that she was approaching her due date and that her 24-year-old husband is trying to impose a "breastfeeding rule" ahead of her family visiting them. Let's find out what happened:

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"His family (mum, dad and brother) are coming to visit us on ther vacation. He knows I will be breastfeeding and he told me his only 'rule' is not to do it in front of his family," she wrote in her post on Reddit. "He says he doesn't want me to make his father and brother feel uncomfortable and that I should go upstairs to feed our baby every time its necessary," the woman continued. The man also promised that he would be with her during the feeding so that he too could bond with the baby.

However, the 23-year-old mother-to-be did not look favorably on this demand: "I will be recovering and I should rest, so taking the stairs for every feeding is a problem for me," she explained. For this reason, she has tried to get her husband to reconsider, explaining that - as an alternative - his family can leave the room or "go elsewhere" if they feel uncomfortable.

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"I said I would wear a cover or sometime, but I need to be able to see what I'm doing," she added. Unfortunately, an impasse was reached between the two and for this reason the woman asked for advice online to resolve the argument in the best way possible.

Reddit users have sided with the mom-to-be, saying her suggestions are the optimal solution: "When I had my daughter, my dad was a little uncomfortable with the whole breastfeeding thing, so he walked off when it was time to feed her. Out of respect, when I went to visit them, I went to another room -  but in my house, he was the one who left if he did not feel comfortable," wrote one young mother.

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