Young woman catches her mother-in-law in her room whispering hateful words to her in her sleep: "I thought it was a ghost!" -
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Young woman catches her mother-in-law…
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Young woman catches her mother-in-law in her room whispering hateful words to her in her sleep: "I thought it was a ghost!"

July 16, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

A mother-in-law is a family figure who is often vilified and frequently targeted for being a horrible character. Mother-in-laws are often seen as people who never miss out on an opportunity to argue with her daughters-in-law, giving rise to frequent squabbles and strife. This is not always the case, of course, but there are certainly many episodes that testify to a hostile attitude on the part of some mothers-in-law. Notwithstanding this, what the subject of this story went through is truly bizarre - even for an unpleasant mother-in-law. 21-year-old Rosa, on TikTok account "rosiduh", unmasked her mother-in-law secretly sneaking into her room during the night. The reasons and circumstances are not clear, and not even easy to describe, but the young woman reassured all her followers: "Don't worry about me!".

For a few nights, Rosa seriously believed that a ghost was visiting her in her sleep. The young woman had initially downloaded an app to her phone to check if she actually snored during the night, but she ended up discovering something much more disturbing. Listening to the recordings in the morning, Rosa heard a voice whispering in the dark: the voice whispered offensive phrases which, of course, frightened the young woman. How can one explain such a thing? Rosa didn't believe in ghosts, but perhaps she was wrong! After placing a hidden camera in her room, however, the young woman identified the "ghost": her mother-in-law entered her room during the night to whisper hateful things to her in her sleep. Rosa was shocked, especially since her mother-in-law had always treated her well during the day.

The girl then explained the context in which this totally bizarre story took place. First of all, the reason why Rosa shares her house with her mother-in-law is that she just got out of prison and having nowhere to stay, she came to live temporarily with her son and daughter-in-law. With her mother-in-law, there are also two small children who, although Rosa is attached to them, are not her biological children.

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Although users showed their concern for Rosa, she reassured everyone, saying she didn't take any of this threatening behavior seriously; moreover, she could never report her mother-in-law because such an action would lead to a series of serious consequences: her mother-in-law, was on probation, so if she had reported such an event to the police, the woman could have been returned to prison . And Rosa didn't really want to destroy her boyfriend's family or damage the excellent relationship she has with him and his family, who have always been kind to her.

Finally, Rosa stated that the woman will leave her house soon and that she will be forced to live this unpleasant situation for only a limited period of time.

How would you react if someone snuck into your room at night to whisper hateful words in your ear while you sleep?

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