Mother is an alcoholic and unable to…
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Mother is an alcoholic and unable to look after her children: her boyfriend decides to adopt the children

July 22, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Blood ties are not sufficient to guarantee some people will good parents and others are too fragile to bear the weight of such a responsibility. But, on the other hand, there are people who have the courage to do all they can for the children they love, even if there is any biological link between them. And this story is a prime example of the extraordinary altruism of a man who found himself faced with a very difficult, complex situation.

On Jordan Benewiat's eighth birthday, his mother got drunk. This was not unusual for Jordan and his brother Jarred, as his mother suffered from alcoholism. However, that night, the drunk woman was particularly violent and she turned the house upside down. When her fiancé, Steven Benewiat, got home from out of town, he called the police and the two children were immediately placed in foster care.

Despite having no family ties to them, Steven wanted the two children to be placed in his care so that he could let them grow up happily together in a safe environment. When the state authorities were unable to find a home that could accommodate both brothers, Steven was able to secure temporary custody of the kids. "The first time I saw Steven cry was the day he thought the state would take us away. I had no idea why he was crying in the courtroom, but when he explained everything to me I burst into tears and he hugged me until we had to go. Luckily, by divine intervention, he was granted provisional custody," Jordan explained.

Since the children have moved in with Steven, their standard of living has improved significantly. They have received the stability they needed to develop a solid foundation - a foundation that their mother had never provided them with.

"My adoptive father, Steven, gave me stability and a security that I had never known before. Before getting to know him, and for as long as I can remember beforehand, I was scared and anxious. My brother and I were worried if we would have enough to eat, if we would get to school, if our mother would die from drinking too much. Steven was there for us, always. He gave us back the second half of our childhood. I was finally able to ride a bike, to go to school, play sports and not worry about where my dinner was going to come from. I could always count on him when my life seemed to be falling apart. He gave me a confidence I had never known. My life would not be at all like it is without him," Jordan said. After three years of foster care, Steve was able to officially adopt Jordan and Jarred.


The two brothers have never stopped being grateful to their adoptive dad and to honor his kind heart and let the world know about his generosity, they decided to publish a short video clip on TikTok to tell their story. The video has garnered over 9 million views, with hundreds of comments filled with support and admiration for Steven.

"The fact that the world stops and says 'Hey, man, thanks for being a good man' is something I never thought I'd see," Jordan commented. The clip is a simple, but definitely meaningful gift for his adoptive dad, Steven.


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