22-year-old woman goes viral on TikTok after her gynecologist refuses to tie her tubes: "I don't want babies!" - WTVideo.com
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22-year-old woman goes viral on TikTok…
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22-year-old woman goes viral on TikTok after her gynecologist refuses to tie her tubes: "I don't want babies!"

July 02, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Our society often imposes an image of motherhood linked to being a woman, portraying the female gender as "complete" only when women have children. Can't a woman feel complete without a child? Fortunately, nowadays, there is much more awareness than in the past and many women express their desire that they never, ever want to become parents. Some even go as for as resorting to an irreversible operation to be sterilized. It is true that some decisions can be changed over time, but why not support the position of a young woman who, at this moment, made a decision regarding her body? Olivia, a 22-year-old young woman, shared her story on TikTok about the conversation she had with her gynecologist, who refused to honor her wish of "having her tubes tied."

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The conversation between Olivia and her gynecologist went something like this, according to the author: "Hello Ms Gynecologist, my name is Olivia and I don't want to have children. I have had this wish since I was old enough to think about it. Will you please tie my tubes?". The doctor's response was: "No, it's permanent. One day you may meet Mr. Right and change your mind." The young woman, however, was clear and firm: "No, that's not my plan, not in 5 years, nor in 10 or 50 years ... I don't want to have any kids." The gynecologist, however, was adamant: "It's permanent and you may change your mind, so here, read a brochure about the various types of IUDs (contraception) you could use."

image: lvdwns

Thanks to the video which soon went viral, Olivia realized how many women have found themselves in the same situation. However, this type of procedure is often denied to very young singles like Olivia: "I am only 22 years old, I am single and childless, so I was not surprised by my doctor's response. However, many women, already with several children, have also been denied. The justification is always the same: one day these women they may want more children, or they may remarry and their next husband may want a child of his own. "

The truth is that procedures like this are permanent (to a certain degree), but a child is too. In reality, it is always possible to reverse this operation, but it's just that the chances of getting pregnant after a reversal are lowered significantly. Also, why not take into consideration that "Mr. Right" might not want children either? Many women have shared their frustration at never being in control of this aspect of their bodies at any point in their lives. Is it right that someone else has the authority to make these decisions?

What do you think about this?

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