Mother gives up parental custody of her 3-year-old daughter because she can't bond with her -
Mother gives up parental custody of…
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Mother gives up parental custody of her 3-year-old daughter because she can't bond with her

June 30, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

In our society there are so many taboo subjects that we prefer to ignore rather than to face. Among these are the many beliefs regarding new mothers: Should a parent love their child unconditionally and no matter what happens? Or rather: is it possible that a mother cannot love her daughter or son as she should? Young Laury Leonardi has revealed, in a poignant confession, that she wanted to renounce her parental custodianship over her 3-year-old daughter, Mia, precisely because she has never managed to create a strong bond with her. It is a painful choice, which the young woman had the courage to admit. Of course, there was no lack of controversy about this story.

Laury Leonardi, 23, explained through her tears that she never managed to love her daughter, Mia, like a real mother should. Her story is similar to that of many other young mothers, stuck with an unwanted pregnancy and left on their own by their partners. Laury got pregnant at only 19 years of age. This was an event that upset her life, and today, at 23 years old, she feels that she is not a good mother - or at least not as good as she would like. All moms face moments of uncertainty and frustration, but it's rare to fail to bond with your infant child. Laury, on the other hand, has decided to renounce her parental authority:

"The first few months were going pretty well. I fed her, and I did it because it was normal. I gave her her baths, I dressed her up like a doll in cute dresses because I was told it was necessary to cuddle and pamper a new born. But as soon as it got a little more complex - like playing with her, hugging her, kissing her, reading her stories - it was very difficult for me. I just couldn't bond with her," Laury admitted.

image: Pixabay

Laury's dramatic testimony continued with these words: "My daughter was a little girl who cried a lot - she was always crying and I didn't know how to calm her down. I was like, 'Okay, it's my fault, what am I doing wrong?' I was afraid of doing something that I would regret. I started feeling guilty, telling myself I was a bad mother." Laury had a bad time during these early years in which she experimented with parenting - so much so that she had to be hospitalized and put on antidepressant medication. In this context, the best choice to make for the child was to remove her from the home: Laury asked for help from a social worker and finally decided to give up her parental rights. Mia was taken away by social services.

"It's been a year since I last saw her. I miss her, in the sense that I've learned to love her. But I just don't love her like a mother should. I love her like any little girl who would be under my stewardship," explained the woman. "I know she's much better off without me," Laury continued, "and at least she has a healthy life - now she has everything she needs. They put her in foster care with an exceptional family and that's all I wanted for her. Now she has a real family and it's the best life I could have given her. And I've been much better since knowing she's fine."


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