Young man adopted at birth finds his…
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Young man adopted at birth finds his biological mother: they worked at the same hospital

June 19, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Wanting to meet your biological mother or father is a dream shared by all those who have been given up for adoption as soon as they were born. This was also true for Benjamin Hulleberg, now twenty years old, and who had wondered for years who his biological mother was, where she was and what she was doing. Ben had a couple of photos of his very young mother holding him in her arms and of the moment she had placed him in the care of a very good family - the ones who would later become his adoptive parents. Today, Ben has a great life thanks to his adoptive mother and father; he has a job and some free time in which he does volunteer work, but the desire to get to know his biological mother, had never abandoned him. He didn't know she was also looking for him.

Holly Shearer gave birth to Ben Hulleberg while she was still a teenager. At the time, she was unable to take care of the child, given his young age, and she chose a better future for him, entrusting him to Angela and Brian Hulleberg. 20 years have passed since then, and Holly had never stopped thinking about her first child.

When Ben turned 18, the woman searched for him on Facebook and was delighted to find out that he was okay: "He was always on my mind," Holly recalled, "even more so on the occasion of the holidays and his birthday - these occasions caused a whirlwind of emotions inside of me. I've been thinking about him all this time. " However, she decided not to write to him, for fear of interfering in his life - but she did decide to keep an eye on him anyway so as not to lose track of him completely. Two years passed, and Holly decided to send him a birthday message.

Ben was shocked to discover the identity of the woman who had written to him on Facebook: "When she texted me back and explained who she was, it hit me like a brick wall," Ben said, "I started crying. All my emotions were positive, but for me, this is a day that I had been waiting for for 20 years and to realize that it was finally happening was life-changing. I had a lot to deal with emotionally. "

But the surprises for the two of them did not end there: Ben, who works as a middle school substitute teacher, also volunteers in the neonatal intensive care unit at "St. Mark's Hospital" in Salt Lake City, Utah ... the same hospital where Holly worked as a medical assistant in the Heart Center. Over the years, who knows how many times they crossed paths in the corridors or in the same parking lot ...?


After an exchange of messages, they set up a meeting for the two of them, Ben's adoptive parents and Holly's new family. "When I saw her, she stood up and she hugged me and I cried," Ben recalled, "As soon as I looked at her I thought, 'You are real, you are really standing in front of me.' And it was surreal. " For both of them it was an emotional moment and a great joy to finally meet each other.

For both, it was a very healing experience, which filled in the gaps that they had not even realized they had. But now they finally feel at peace and "complete".


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