Mother sides with her daughter who has…
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Mother sides with her daughter who has been warned twice by the school for wearing shorts

June 19, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

A school dress code is often a cause for controversy, in every country, where arguments are focused on decorum and one will always find, at least, two opposing factions. There are those who argue that at school you should wear clothes that are not too informal - for example, not to wear flip-flops and short shorts in the summer; and then there are those who argue passionately that the issue is certainly not one of seeing a bare leg or shoulder. Whatever your opinion is on this, every institution has internal rules that must be respected - but not everyone agrees with this. A mother named Stasia, told her story in her videos on TikTok. She documents the crusade carried out by her daughter at school against the "absurd" rules regarding the dress code - rules that seemed to impact the girls at the school the most.

Stasia said her daughter broke the rules of school dress code by showing up to class in shorts and a tank top, and that the school gave her an oversized T-shirt to cover herself up with. The teenager reacted by organizing a protest in which the boys also showed up at school wearing crop tops. Faced with this protest movement, the institute decided to punish only the girls. Although her daughter has talked to the school administrator using vulgarities, Stasia supports her daughter in this protest about the dress code - especially given the obvious difference in treatment between boys and girls.

In subsequent update videos, the mom recounted how her daughter organized more protests: "Today she organized a day where they will all wear white tank tops with messages written on them. My 19-year-old son helped her write her message last night, which reads: 'Is my cleavage distracting you while you're reading the front of my shirt?'

"My children oppose teachers who discriminate," the mother reiterated in one of her videos. The protests involved girls and boys equally and, although none of them were suspended, Stasia's daughter was removed from the teacher-pupil school board. When she was sent to the Headmaster's office, a boy went with her and asked the administration why he hadn't also been cautioned for wearing a crop top. The administration, however, simply told the boy to go back to class, where he immediately started to cut his shirt even shorter, with a pair of scissors, forcing the administration to penalize him too.

"I love that the boys support her and put themselves on the line," commented one of Stasia's followers. "I'm trying so hard to teach my kids to be just like your daughter," another follower stated.

The girls were all given an oversized t-shirt to cover themselves up with, but the t-shirts turned out to be big enough to cover up their shorts as well. Again, the girls were cautioned, as the t-shirt covering their shorts supposedly made it look like they were in their underwear.

The final thought of this mom is on the solidarity which has grown between girls and boys, who finally seem to be on the same page: "It seems that boys are starting to understand that it is more righteous to be on the side of girls, and I love it."

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