This child bought breakfast for a policeman:…
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This child bought breakfast for a policeman: "When I grow up I want to be like you, thank you for everything you do"

June 13, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Every child, whether boy or girl, has a dream in their heart. There are those who imagine that when they grow up they will be a pilot; those who fantasize about becoming a dancer; those of making an important discovery; others, perhaps, of following in the footsteps of their parents -  in short, all dreams and fantasies, which may or may not become reality depending on the ambitions (and abilities) of each individual child.

For the subject of the story we are about to tell you about, everything was much simpler and his desire was to help people. But below, we explain who he is and how he expressed his ambition.

THIS Made our Day! Let's see how far we can share Noah's GOOD DEED! At Denny's this morning, young Noah asked his mom...

Pubblicato da LakelandPD su Giovedì 27 aprile 2017

The subject of this story is Noah, a 9 year old boy who was in the shop where his mother worked when he made a very special gesture. While spending time at Denny's in Lakeland, Florida, the boy ran into a policeman, Eddie Benitez, who was having his breakfast there.

A great admirer of men in uniform and having always had a  dream of becoming a policeman, Noah made a very special request of his mother, Amanda. Amanda said that her son had asked her to use the money he had received as a gift for her birthday to offer to buy the officer breakfast. The boy wanted to pay his respects and to thank the man for all the work he did every day for the community - and this small gesture was the best way he could do it. Once the breakfast was paid for,  Noah wrote a message for officer Benitez on the receipt that would be issued to him: "When I grow up I want to be like you. Thanks for all your hard work".

These were very touching words that got an immediate reaction from the police officer. The policeman approached his little fan, shook his hand and asked him to take a picture of them together. This photo, among other things, was shared on the police department's web page. In the post you can read words of thanks Noah wrote and which had touched everyone's hearts. "Noah, your support means a lot to the many women and men who wear police uniforms and do this job, so thank you."

Officer Benitez said he was very moved and commented on the incident with these words: "I am pleased to think that there are people like little Noah out there -  people for whom it is worth getting up every morning, wearing a uniform and leaving the house to go to work. I want to continue doing this job and to be an example for many children, just like him. "

Episodes of this kind always generate a lot of happiness and give us hope for a more beautiful world full of young people who want to do something meaningful and aim to lend a hand to others who need assistance.

Bravo Noah!


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