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Evicted from their home and unemployed,…
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Evicted from their home and unemployed, this woman lives with her husband and 2 children in a tent

June 15, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

There are cases in which families are put to the test and have to face very difficult periods in their lives. There are many reasons why two parents, with one or more children, find themselves in this type of situation. In the case of the story we are about to tell you about, it all originated with the pandemic and the resulting global socio-economic crisis that it caused. Changes in society have led to a significant increase in the cost of living, but, above all, there has been a deterioration in the world of work, which has become ever more acute over time.

The mother we are about to tell you about knows this fact very well. This a young woman who, together with her husband and her children, were evicted from the house they lived in and were forced to live in a tent. Here is this family's story:

Tristan and Sushannah Taylor, aged 22 and 20 respectively, lived with their two children in Queensland, Australia. The couple had rented a small house and spent their days in peace - until something went badly wrong and turned their lives upside down. The owner of the apartment decided to sell it and, within a month, the family found themselves homeless and on the streets. Immediately, Tristan and Sushannah searched for other accommodation, but given the recent excessive increase in rents, the family were forced to move to a campsite and live in a rented tent.

"We are sending applications out every day to find a job, but nothing is happening," says the woman. She continues: "Our plan is to stay in a tent for a while and then move as soon as we find a job and a rent which is within our reach. Unfortunately, we can't even stay in the same place because, sometimes, the camp sites have been booked and we are forced to move".

A homeless, semi-nomadic life is not exactly ideal - not only is it a question of stability, but it is also damaging from an economic point of view. According to what this mother says, even just living in a tent, and moving around has a cost that is not insignificant. The ideal solution would be to find accommodation as soon as possible, pay an affordable monthly rent and start living a regular life once again.

This is very reasonable wish to have but, apparently, it is not easy to turn it into a reality. Perhaps also for this reason, her story has touched the web and many - both acquaintances and strangers - have offered to support to the family. "I thank everyone, but I cannot accept the money that is offered to me," says Sushannah. "For the moment, we still have some savings and we will use these for now. There are those who are much worse off than we are and I have to take these people into account. So thank you, but I have to decline your kind, generous offers. For now, we can manage. We are struggling, but we're still basically okay," she stated.


The truly incredible thing is that, despite the negative situation in which they find themselves, this woman has compassion and consideration for those who are even less fortunate than her family and does not want  to take advantage of the generousity of others. It is saddening, however, to think that from a normal and stable life, these two parents have found themselves, almost overnight, having to get by without incomes and without a roof over their heads.

We hope with all our hearts that their situation can be resolved quickly and that everything will return to normal soon. In the meantime, we wish this family all the luck in the world.

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