Young man is on his way to visit the girl he's been chatting with for months online, but she reveals "I'm engaged, I was just bored." -
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Young man is on his way to visit the…
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Young man is on his way to visit the girl he's been chatting with for months online, but she reveals "I'm engaged, I was just bored."

May 30, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

It is increasingly common these days to find your "soul mate" online, through dating sites and apps, for example. The Covid-19 pandemic also seems to have contributed to the spread of these communication systems aimed at finding "love". Many felt lonely and bored being at home at the time of the lockdowns, and found momentary relief in chatting and talking with others online. You can't play with feelings though, and the subject of this story got to understood this by learning a hard lesson. A woman he had been chatting with for a few months told him that she already had a boyfriend and so, they would not be able to get together. It was too bad, then, that the young man was already sitting in a plane, ready to fly out and join her in another city.

Being rejected is not a great experience, but being rejected unexpectedly, and while making a "great gesture of love" is devastating. Unfortunately, this was precisely the experience Ángel Montoya had. Angel is a physiotherapist from Guadalajara (Mexico), who on TikTok told his followers that he was going to surprise the worman with whom he had been chatting online for months. Valeria, a woman from Hermosillo, Sonora, however, did not expect such a gesture and was forced to reveal to Angel that she was already engaged. As poor Angel was about to take off on his love-flight, he received the terrible news that he would not be able to meet the girl he had a crush on. We can only imagine the sadness and humiliation felt by this young man at that devastating moment.

The young man hadn't told the woman he was going to visit her and that's why Valeria revealed this bad news to him at the last minute when she realized that Angel was really catching a plane to come and visit her: "Oh, what a pity, really. Sorry, but I don't think we can meet. The truth is that I have a boyfriend and during the pandemic I was very bored and... what a pity, really. " Angel's video has become so popular that we're sure both Valeria and her boyfriend have seen it by now!


Notwithstanding her apology, the damage had been done: Angel was about to land in a city where he didn't know anyone, but he still decided to take the opportunity to tour the area and have as much fun as possible by going out every evening. He went to a fair, where he won a teddy bear. At the fair, some girls who had noticed he was alone, approached to talk to him. Everything was filmed and posted on TikTok, where many of his followers expressed their solidarity with Angel, telling him that they would help pay for the cost of his plane ticket.

Before making big gestures like this, it is necessary to take precautions - you can never be absolutely certain that people are who they say they are over social media communications (this type of identity deceit happens so often now, it even has a name - "catfishing").

Have you ever made such a wonderful gesture of love?

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