Man asks his girlfriend to choose an engagement ring, but then he gives it to another: "He had 7 relationships on the go at the same time"

Mark Bennett

June 01, 2022

Man asks his girlfriend to choose an engagement ring, but then he gives it to another:

When a relationship fails, the disappointment may be so great that you feel helpless, discouraged, and become fearful of getting involved with anyone ever again. In such cases, only time can heal the wounds and allow for starting a new relationship with others. But what are the causes from which situations like this arise? There are many causes and each one is different, but amongst all, betrayal is the most common reason. Those who have given their trust to their partner and have not had this trust reciprocated, can react very badly when betrayed and close themselves up like a clam for fear of meeting the wrong person again and repeating their mistakes.

If this happens to someone, it is always advisable for them to talk to someone about it. Whether it is a specialist, a relative, or a friend makes no difference - it is the person concerned who decides which of these possibilities is the best. The subject of the story we are going to tell you about, has chosen to share her experience on social media, via a video posted on Tik Tok. Let's see what she said:

via New York Times Post


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This woman has published her story on the web partly to let off steam, partly to encourage those who, like her, are going through difficult times, and are trying to find a way to overcome their pain. Many years earlier, the author said she accompanied her then boyfriend to a jewelry store to choose an engagement ring.

It was an exciting and magical moment for her, and one which many women dream of. Unfortunately, this day turned into the worst moment of her life. Her partner, in fact, (as she herself later discovered), had not asked her for advice for a ring intended for her, but for a gift for his other girlfriend. Yes, you read that correctly. The man was having a fling with someone else  and thought it best to ask his "official" girlfriend to help him choose a ring for his lover.

And the bad news wasn't over for our jilted author. In fact, she discovered that the now ex-boyfriend had not only cheated on her with one other woman, but was fooling around with six other females. Seven girlfriends in total that the man had tried to manage as best he could but that, evidently, things got out of control for him. Lies, after all, can run until they are overtaken by the truth and, in this case, this saying is particularly apt.

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After this first relationship went wrong, the woman said she had experienced another equally traumatizing one and that it took 12 years to shake off the cloud of mistrust that had wrapped itself around her and open up to another man. Now, however, she seems to have met the right person that she can trust and share her life with.

The many followers who have seen the post have declared their support for the woman and some have also told their personal stories. "My ex had a wife and 3 children in another city while he was with me and our relationship lasted two years," reads one of the many comments.

Apparently, there are many people who live in similar situations and have to deal with cheating partners. The important thing is not to become convinced that everyone is the same and that they want to "take advantage" of one's good faith.  Doing so exposes one to the risk of closing a door in the face of people who, if given the chance, can give one a firm commitment and make one feel truly loved and happy.