Tenant leaves 3 tons of garbage in the house and tells the landlord to keep his £ 400 deposit: "You'll need it"

Mark Bennett

May 23, 2022

Tenant leaves 3 tons of garbage in the house and tells the landlord to keep his £ 400 deposit:

There are a thousand reasons why a person lets themself go to such an extent that they can no longer even superficially clean their house, and most of these reasons are usually related to mental health problems. Depression or other conditions that are difficult to overcome without outside help, can drag a person down to the point where housekeeping and personal hygiene take a back seat. Mr. Locking had rented his property to the same tenant for 5 years, relying on an renting agency - but he could not imagine that he would eventually discover the rented property was flooded with tons of garbage.

via Facebook / Lee Glasnant Locking


What drives a person to store huge amounts of garbage in their home? It is not entirely clear to us, but it is clear that the health of these people is compromised by living in these conditions. Lee Locking, the 56-year-old owner of a rental property, was shocked to find his apartment filled with garbage: food leftovers, cans and cat feces were piled up in every corner of the house. Mr. Locking had relied on a rental management agency and, for the past 5 years, the house keys had always remained in the hands of the same tenant.

The tenant had even written to Mr Locking, saying that he did not want his £ 400 pound ($ 490 dollars) security deposit back, as the money would be needed for the landlord to clean up the property. In reality, and looking at the shocking pictures of the house, it will take well over £ 400 to clear out all the garbage and repair much of the damage done to the bathroom and kitchen.


As can be seen from the photos that the owner himself posted on Facebook, a large amount of garbage, old clothes, moldy food and empty bottles had been piled up in every single room of the house.

Mr. Locking recounted the shocking moment he discovered the pitiful state of his house: "Every single room was full of garbage. I couldn't go anywhere in the house without feeling the need to take a shower right after." The man added: "When I first went to the house, I brought my dog with me. I opened the door and a putrid smell hit me in the face. I then saw the absolute filty state of stairs. I closed the door and put the dog back in the car, because I couldn't let him go in there "

In addition to removing the garbage, it will be necessary to renovate the house, changing the carpets and restoring the bathroom and kitchen to their original condition. The kitchen is, of course, the place in a house that normally tends to get dirty more easily (along with the bathroom), and the serial accumulation of garbage by the tenant has only contributed to reducing these areas to an even worse state.

Mr. Locking is furious with the agency which, for 5 years, has been getting 12% of the rent payments to manage the property: "I have been told that there are at least three or four tons of garbage to clear out. I feel really angry that I have let this company manage my property for the past five years and this is the state that the house has been handed back to me. "

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Finding the perfect tenant is never an easy task, but no one could ever imagine finding their house in a state like this!