This mom sleeps in the lounge to free up a room for her 18-year-old daughter: "I respect her privacy" -
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This mom sleeps in the lounge to free…
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This mom sleeps in the lounge to free up a room for her 18-year-old daughter: "I respect her privacy"

May 19, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

A good parent would do anything for their child's well-being ... even sleep on the sofa if necessary! A mom made a splash on TikTok, after showing off her home and after clarifying some details about the context. The woman, who on social media is called "dollie_victoria2", explained that she likes to sleep on the sofa at home in order to give some privacy to her eighteen-year-old daughter - given that the house where the family resides is a two-room apartment and everyone has different needs. In addition to her teenage daughter, the woman is also the mother of two other small children, a boy and a girl.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to move forward when economic problems dominant, but most parents are willing to make sacrifices for the sake of their children.

The woman initially simply posted a video on TikTok to show everyone her home. Not a palace, of course, and you can understand this very well from her own ironic comments: "This is a pile of clean clothes that should go in the drawers" or "This is where we put the toothbrushes even if we have the toothbrush holder - but as you can see it is full of other things that we never use ". Why did she make this video? It seems that many people are ashamed of their homes, so she thought that by showing hers, it would make others, living in similar conditions, feel better. In any case, the video shows that the woman has her bed in the living room and her followers certainly did not miss this detail.

Why is she sleeping in the living room with her partner?

The answer is simple and it can also be seen to a certain extent in the same video: the woman lives in a two-room apartment with her partner and three children. So, in addition to the kitchen, she has only two other rooms available - one for the younger children - one and four years old and who share it - and another for the exclusive use of her eighteen-year-old stepdaughter. The mother says she has the utmost respect for the privacy of her daughter and, consequently, she sleeps in the living room with her partner without a problem, since the house is still too small for the whole family and, at the moment, she cannot afford to change how and where they live. "That's how things work for us and I love this part of the house," the Mom said in an explanation to her followers.


The follwers have posted many comments full of praise and appreciation for this mother: "This is the pure dedication of a loving mother who always puts her children first."

We hope that this family will soon find a way to find a larger home that is more suited to their needs, because it is just what they need and deserve.

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