Criticized because she is 57 and "too old" to wear a bikini: the ex-model responds in kind -
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Criticized because she is 57 and "too…
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Criticized because she is 57 and "too old" to wear a bikini: the ex-model responds in kind

May 22, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Do you think there is an age limit to wearing a bikini at the beach? As with all clothing, every woman should feel free to wear that which makes her feel comfortable with herself, and without having to listen to the criticisms and judgments of others. Yet we know that this rarely happens. In reality, we are all subject to the judgment of others and, unfortunately, we are often influenced by these unsolicited opinions. Even former model Paulina Porizkova, despite her enviable physical shape at the age of 57, had to suffer heavy criticism for continuing to wear bikinis and for showing up in these skimpy costumes at the beach. But what is the problem? The truth is that past a certain age, some people believe that women look "ridiculous" and have become too "old" to wear revealing clothes (and costumes) like these.

image: Instagra

Paulina Porizkova doesn't care what some people say about the fact that, at 57 years of age, she still loves wearing bikinis on the beach. And the most important thing is that no other woman in the world should care: if on a particular day you want to show yourself off a two-piece swimsuit and get a full tan, why not do it?

Paulina received a particularly negative comment on Instagram, below a photo of herself in a swimsuit. But the ex-model didn't take long to respond by posting another photo of herself in a swimsuit. Some users consider her "too old" and that she looks ridiculous wearing such a youthful item of clothing.

Paulina, although she has been a model in the past and, therefore, has never had problems related to her physical appearance, reiterated that every woman should feel free to wear whatever makes her feel her best. No matter what your body shape, age or hair color are: if you feel like wearing a bikini, you should be able to do so without being criticized by others.

"I think we get more beautiful with age. We have earned our beauty, we understand what it is and we can see it much better. There is no such thing as 'ugly and old'. There are only blind and ignorant people out there," she commented wisely.


The ex-model also stressed that she wanted to spread the message about the criticism she received - not so much to get sympathy from her followers, but to let as many women as possible know that they must feel proud and happy with their bodies: "I'm publishing everything because this is a general prejudice that must be removed. We can be proud of getting old, we deserve it! ".

What do you think about this? Do you think that after a certain age, a woman should be forced to wear a one-piece swimsuit? Write your opinion in the comments!


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