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Waitress sees young school kids entering…
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Waitress sees young school kids entering her restaurant alone and fears the worst: they reveal themselves to be extremely polite

May 15, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

You should never judge a book by its cover - how many times have you heard this saying? Never take appearances as a point of reference to determine the value of something's content. Unfortunately, however, it seems almost inevitable to have a number of prejudices towards the most varied of things. Experience, perhaps, can teach us to get rid of these unpleasant prejudices, restoring some sense of fairness to us. This is what happened to Nicole Marie, a waitress who had to service seven sixth-grade kids who arrived at the restaurant for a meal, and without the supervision of an adult. Nicole, however, was pleasantly surprised by their behavior and she had to retract her initial, negative thoughts.

Today my faith in future generations was restored!! I had 7, 6th grade boys come in while I was working and they wanted...

Pubblicato da Nicole Marie su Venerdì 10 gennaio 2020

Nicole, like so many other waitresses, was having a long day at work and the last thing she needed was a bunch of hungry, rude kids to wait on. When the woman, who had been working in the restaurant for 10 years and had a lot of experience in judging her customers at first glance, saw the seven kids entering the restaurant, she immediately feared she was going to some unpleasant conversations with a bunch of underage and rude adolesents. Fortunately, her intuition was very wrong. In her initial moment of judgement, it was her prejudices that spoke for her.

The kids sat down at the table and waited patiently to be served. When ordering, they asked for their food, always adding "please" and "thank you": Nicole was very impressed with their manners! In her mind, the stereotype of rude and boisterous kids had taken over, which is why she was pleasantly surprised by the respectful behavior of these sixth-grade kids.

While ordering, one of the kids had to answer his cell phone and his friend asked if he could take the call away from the group as it would be extremely rude of him to answer the phone at the table. Once Nicole brought their order, everyone ate quietly, politely. Evidently, someone else in the club must have noticed the exemplary behavior of these young people - so much so that he offered to pay the bill for them. At this point, the kids offered Nicole a big tip. Finally, they stacked their plates and collected up all the leftovers so Nicole could clear away faster when they left.

"Even adults (myself included) rarely leave a table so clean!" Nicole said, more and more amazed at the excellent manners of these kids. By the end of her shift, the waitress has definitely changed her mind about the "new generation", as the small group of kids had managed to restore her faith in humanity.


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