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"I refuse to attend my sister's wedding…
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"I refuse to attend my sister's wedding as a bridesmaid because she is marrying my ex"

May 09, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Betrayal is a vile act, which no one deserves to live through, but which unfortunately seems an inevitable outcome in certain relationships. No matter how hard you try, some individuals will cheat on their partner, causing a lot of pain and frustration to the betrayed party - also causing them sudden feelings of emptiness and being of no worth. And perhaps this is how the anonymous woman felt - a woman who told her story of betrayal on Reddit. Her (now ex) boyfriend was cheating on her with another woman. In itself, this would seem to be a common and boring story, like so many other stories of betrayal. But in this case, the boyfriend was cheating on her with her sister. A few months later, the two decided to get married and guess who was asked to attend as a bridesmaid?

via: Reddit

The subject of this story explained that she has always had a great relationship with her older sister: "Me (24 years old) and my sister, Lexi (28 years old) were very close and I can say that she was practically my best friend in the whole world. However, about 7 or 8 months ago, I found out that my boyfriend Jonah was cheating on me with her. And now they are getting married in August. " The friendship between sisters was obviously destroyed - after all, what friendship could survive after the girl's boyfriend betrayed her and fell in love with her sister, and even going so far as to ask her to marry him?

Of course, after receiving this news, the 24-year-old protagonist was understandably furious with her sister. The two haven't spoken since the story of the betrayal surfaced - unless you include the time that Lexi asked her to attend her wedding as a bridesmaid. That's a joke, right? No, it really happened.

Lexi phoned her sister and told her not only that she wanted her as a bridesmaid, but that she had already bought her the perfect dress to wear. "I told her that just because she had bought me a dress didn't mean I had to attend her wedding," explained the sister. She continued: "Lexi started crying and told me I was selfish for still holding a grudge against her. I tried to tell her I was sorry but could not be her bridesmaid, but she wouldn't listen to me and hung up. I felt bad about it.” The matter did not improve when the young woman went to dinner with her parents and, for most of the meal, her mother she kept repeating how happy Lexi and Jonah (her ex boyfriend) were and how much Lexi deserved to be happy in life. Lexi had told them all about the phone call she had with her sister and how she had refused to participate in the wedding. Instead of being understanding, her parents also accused her of being selfish and insensitive to her sister's wishes.

"He may be happy, but I will not go to my cheating ex-boyfriend's wedding and I will not watch him marry my sister," the young woman replied to her father and mother, continuing to tell her story: "They looked at me as if I had just slapped them in the face. My father got up and said, "You are selfish and you will come to that wedding or you can leave our home right now, and don't bother ever coming back."

Clearly the situation is not easy for her who, not only has she been betrayed by the person she loved, but also by her parents and her sister's hostile attitudes. Many Reddit users gave her some tough advice: "Get far away from your relatives, they're toxic." What advice would you give this young woman?

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