Rude customer throws a drink at a pregnant…
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Rude customer throws a drink at a pregnant waitress: a woman comes to her aid

May 05, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Each of us needs to work to live. There are many types of professions around the world, many of which involve direct contact with customers. To do jobs like this, you need a positive disposition, you need to know how to show off your best smile even if the day is not going well, and above all, you need to be patient ... very patient. In fact, it is not automatically assumed that the worker will only have to deal with kind, helpful and calm customers. Sometimes, the opposite happens and one has to interact with someone who is short-tempered and rude. But even those who happen to be going through a bad moment in their lives, need to be careful not to blow up and should always respect others, no matter what, and especially should respect a worker who is simply carrying out their duties.

Sadly, that's not the situation an Atlanta woman witnessed. The subject of the story we are about to tell you was shocked by the behavior of a customer towards the waitress who was serving him. This is how the story went:

Feroza Syed was lining up at a McDonald's to order a meal when she witnessed a horrible scene. In front of her was a man who, as soon as he received his order, found some problem with it and had massive overreaction, taking it out on the waitress who had just served him.

Outraged at what she had seen, Feroza posted a message on her Facebook account in which she said: "A guy in the queue in front of me threw a drink at the waitress just because his order was wrong. The poor waitress was crying. I tried to get out of my car to help her, but I was stuck. "

According to what the woman found out shortly afterwards, Bryanna, the waitress, had just given a drink to the customer and he, finding ice in the drink, had flown into a rage at and threw the drink at her. When Feroza approached her to find out if she was all right, Bryanna was dripping wet and crying, never mind the fact that she was also six months pregnant. Feroza made herself available to be contacted the police and also left Bryanna a $ 20 dollar tip.

But this was not enough and since her indignation was skyrocketing, Feroza decided to let blow off steam on the web and tell her followers what had happened. She didn't stop at just this, however. Feroza Syed, in order to prove that not all people are horrible and rude, launched a fundraising campaign for the waitress. In just 24 hours she managed to raise $ 1,600 dollars and she contacted Bryanna to get her the address and personally deliver the gift.

"When she gave me the envelope, the emotion was overwhelming. I could not help but burst into tears of joy, I didn't expect it,” said the waitress. For her, it was a real blessing having met Feroza who, among other things, left the fund raiser open for anyone who still wanted to help Bryanna.

"When you witness situations in which someone is mistreated, you can’t just stand by and do nothing, but you must act because one person is enough to change things and can change another's life". What matters most of all, in fact, is not ruminating about how rude some are, but looking for, getting to know and associating with kind and positive people. This is the only way to combat the negative that exists in some mean-spirited people.

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