Man kicks his brother's family out of his house after his 9-year-old nephew stole his fiancé's engagement ring -
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Man kicks his brother's family out of…
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Man kicks his brother's family out of his house after his 9-year-old nephew stole his fiancé's engagement ring

May 24, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Family matters are always very sensitive and although we love each other, it is often difficult to overlook certain behaviors that have serious consequences. A 26-year-old man told his frustrating story on Reddit about when he decided to host his brother with his wife and their 9-year-old son. The brother had lost his job and could not afford the rent, so the brother decided to let them stay at his house: after all, that's how we support our family, right? The problem, however, is that the brother's little son had never gotten rid the obnoxious habit of appropriating things that did not belong to him (i.e. stealing), even going as far as to rummage through things he was forbidden from touching. The situation escalated when the young man realized that a $ 4,000 dollar ring he had just bought for his fiancée, kept in one of his bedroom drawers, was missing.

via: Reddit

The subject of this story had only one, major short-term goal to accomplish: asking his fiancée to marry him. To this end, he had finally bought a very expensive eengagement ring, after working and saving up for a whole year. His happiness with himself for achieving this goal was overwhelming and he was just waiting for his girlfriend to return from a trip to pop the question. In the meantime, however, his brother's family had moved into his home, for economic reasons. This was a decision that had been hard for the young man to make, since he was aware that his 9-year-old nephew was a kleptomanic (kleptomania is the recurrent inability to resist the urge to steal items).

One day, unfortunately, what he most feared happened: "It's a $ 4000 dollar ring that I spent over a year saving up for. It was hidden in my room, in one of my drawers. One time, I found my nephew snooping around my room, I told my brother to deal with the situation, and I also got one of those cheap spy cameras and put it in my room, just in case. Then last week I noticed that the box for the ring was sitting on the side table and the ring was gone. I checked the camera and saw that my nephew had entered my room again when I was not at home. On seeing this, my brother and his wife scolded the child."

Despite the telling off, however, the ring had disappeared and the child continued to claim that he had left it next to the TV, (where, of course, it couldn't be found). After hours of fruitless searching, the ring continued to be missing and the boy didn't seem to want to tell the truth. At this point, the young man had to take drastic action and pulled his brother aside: "I told him that either they find the ring or he will pay me back the $ 4,000 dollars I had spent. I also said that they would not be able to continue to stay in my house." The young man, of course, didn't take this decision lightly, but he was really angry at how his nephew had behaved and how his parents weren't doing anything to discipline him. Unfortunately, everyone has their own problems, and this young man just wanted to get his ring back. Many of his Reddit followers, in fact, have supported him, telling him that he had made the right decision.


But where had the ring gone? After threatening his brother with eviction and that he would call the police if he didn't get his property back, the young man continued to desperately search for the jewel, trying to put himself in his 9-year-old nephew's shoes. Thanks also to the advice of his followers, the young man went to search in the most unusual places and, in the end, he found the ring in the pipes leading from the sink. That's right. The child had not wanted to confess that he had thrown it in there. All is well that ends well, but the young man kicked his brother and his family out and has refused to let them return to his home. Do you think he did the right thing? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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