Little girl sees a young woman in a beautiful prom dress: "you are a princess from a fairy tale" (+ VIDEO) -
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Little girl sees a young woman in a…
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Little girl sees a young woman in a beautiful prom dress: "you are a princess from a fairy tale" (+ VIDEO)

April 29, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

What little girl doesn't dream of being able to meet her favorite princess at least once in her life. As a child it is easy to read a story, watch a cartoon and try to identify with a wonderful, magical princess who lives unforgettable adventures, perhaps clothed in a long and beautiful dress. And if we put in just a pinch of imagination that little ones have, a perfect mix is created to start an imaginary journey into the world of fairy tales.

But who knows if anyone will ever meet a real princess? Maybe this can happen -  at least that's how it seemed to Emory, a little girl who, on an ordinary day, found herself standing in front of "her" princess.

Pubblicato da Tee Taylor su Domenica 30 aprile 2017
Emory is a little girl who lives in North Carolina, USA. One day she, along with her family, were taking a walk when she saw something that left her speechless. Before her was a real princess.
In reality, what Emory saw was a normal young woman who, along with her boyfriend, were posing for some prom photos. We all know how important this event is in the life of a teenager, and for Kwani Taylor, this was certainly the case. And this was the reason why she had chosen to wear a special dress for the prom evening. Long, shiny and gorgeous, her dress had turned her - in Emory's eyes - into a character from a fairytale.
The images of the meeting between Kwani and the child were captured to a video that, in a very short time, made the rounds on the web, managing to reach millions of views. In the clips we see a very excited Kwani intent on smiling for her all-important prom photos, but her attention is suddenly diverted by something - or rather, by someone. In front of her was Emory, visibly overwhelmed by surprise and joy.

Pubblicato da Tee Taylor su Domenica 30 aprile 2017

The young woman, once she understood what was going on and what Emory was thinking, did not hesitate for a second and approached the little child. Kwani asked her for her name and then took her into her arms, thanking her for mistaking her for a princess. This was a touching moment and Kwani's very sweet hug made Emory smile with great joy.

Although what she believed was not true, at that moment Emory fulfilled her dream of meeting a beautiful princess. A moment that, we are sure, will remain imprinted both in the memories of the little girl and Kwani too. For Kwani, in addition to the excitement for the prom, the encounter had made her feel special too - just like a fairy princess.

It is true that children know how to display unexpected and wonderful emotions with their infinite purity of soul.


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