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"I was a student and I ran out of money…
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"I was a student and I ran out of money for food": she accepts 16 dates just to get dinner

April 19, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Anyone who has spent any time at a university knows that it is not easy to manage one's finances. Often there are the parents supporting a student, they are the ones who help the child with a monthly stipend which will be used for food, books, university fees, rent and all other expenses that will be incurred. There are also those who decide to get a part-time job to support their studies.

And who hasn't had to face a financial problem? How do you organize yourself to solve this issue? There are those who have found a very unique way to solve this problem, especially with regard to obtaining food. Let's have a look at this related story together:

via: Mirror

TikTok user @mccall_brock shared a video of her experience. The young woman confesses that she used an uncommon method to secure at least one meal a day while she was in college. According to what she stated, in a time when she was struggling to afford any food, she registered herself on a dating website. Are you struggling to see how these two things are related? Unfortunately, they are and below we explain how:

Perhaps not wanting to ask her parents for more money, this young woman came up with the idea of accepting dinner invitations from people she met on the dating site in order to get a meal. The thing that really leaves one speechless is the number of dates she set up: 16 dates over 16 days. This is a significant number of dinners in different restaurants, and it allowed her to carry on without worrying too much about her lack of money to buy food.

It goes without saying that the views and comments posted about the video have skyrocketed. Over 1 million people saw the post and it went viral. The opinions of followers have been numerous and varied and arguments have broken out between comment posters. There are those who supported the genius of the idea and who confessed to having done more or less the same thing and for a longer period.

But there were also many people who disagreed with the young woman's approach: "It would never occur to me to do such a thing. For me it means just using men". Another poster said: "Instead of doing that, you could get a job ". "This is exactly why I never offer to take a date out to dinner, " said someone else. These are just some of the comments received which criticize the behavior of this TikToker.

Certainly, it is an unorthodox solution to a problem and is also a bit questionable. But, as we know, everyone is free to act as they see fit and to solve their everyday problems in their own way.

What do you think about this young woman's solution to her problem? Brilliant or a scam?

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