Young student writes a note to their teacher asking for help: "Help us teacher, we have no money at home!"

by Mark Bennett

April 11, 2022

Young student writes a note to their teacher asking for help: "Help us teacher, we have no money at home!"

Not all children in the world have a happy and carefree childhood; living in a Western society in which we almost never seem to lack for anything, we never fully appreciate that there are children less fortunate than us or our families. There are those who were born in impoverished situations or in total destitution, and without any privileges or future prospects for improvement. These children, wherever they are, must absolutely be helped out by any means necessary. And this is just what this very generous teacher did for her one of her 14-year-old students...

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It all happened in December 2021, when tutor and teacher, Mari Tatiane de Col, received a personal handwritten note from one of her young students in a Brazilian school for the rehabilitation of children and adolescents from poor backgrounds or with difficult family situations. The 14 year old boy felt the need to write her in a private note after the school, asking for personal hygiene products. The boy, who, like his brother, came from a situation of considerable economic hardship, knew perfectly well that he desperately needed some basic, essential items, and so he asked his trusted teacher, Mari Tatiane, for help.

When the school teacher read the note written by her student, she was very emotionally moved: "Help me teacher, I have nothing to eat at home. Please madam, please!". These were the boy's handwritten words; Mari knew that she absolutely had to do something for this boy in desperate need, so she started a collection of food and essential goods to send to the boy’s family. This teacher first starting collecting donations from relatives and friends, but then it grew into a real chain-reaction of solidarity that has now managed to feed 40 families suffering from economic hardship.


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The teacher with a heart of gold said: "Hunger can't wait. I sent a photograph of my student's note first to my family group, but then it moved on to other groups as well. We were able to help 40 families from our school because we received a lot of food! "

The school of Paranà, a region of the Brazilian state, managed to collect many baskets of food and essential goods and to deliver them to every family that was in desperate need. In the end, they were able to feed 40 families thanks to the admirable acts of solidarity that happened – this is certainly no small feat!

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"When I see these children coming to me, I truly thank God for the opportunity to be able to help them. This sense of solidarity and community is something that was missing from my childhood. I have a strong feeling of gratitude towards them for showing me how strong and powerful this force of solidarity can be," Mari Tatiane said.

What a wonder gesture this was, don’t you agree?