5-year-old boy donates 30 cents to a homeless man he met on the street: "Here, that's all I have"

by Mark Bennett

April 09, 2022

5-year-old boy donates 30 cents to a homeless man he met on the street: "Here, that's all I have"

We should never underestimate the heart and the great sense of responsibility and solidarity for our children; although we may not have reached the age of adulthood, children can still have a sense that the reality of living in the world in these days is decidedly not easy. It is precisely because of how children see the world, and the people in it, that makes them so unique, special and often very surprising - children have a unique way of viewing and seeing the world. Certainly, the father of a 5-year-old child was particularly surprised when the child wanted to do a kindly deed for a poor, homeless man.

via Justice Smith/Facebook


I almost messed up big time. As our newly turned 5-year-old and I were coming back from the dentist, we saw a homeless...

Pubblicato da Justice Smith su Lunedì 25 ottobre 2021

The name of the 5-year-old child's father is Justice Smith, and a post published on his Facebook profile has now gone viral and proved extremely popular. Justice recounted in the post how much his son had surprised him with a very tender and, at the same time, unexpected act - a real and genuine act of kindness towards a homeless man who was asking for help. Here's what Justice said on Facebook: "I almost made a scene. While my 5-year-old boy and I were on our way back from the dentist, we saw a homeless man on the street. I wanted to give him some change, but I didn't have any money on me. So I just nodded my head and gave him a smile. Our son, Justus, noticed the man too. And then it happened ... my son insisted that he give that man the 30 cents he had in his pocket.

I was more than happy that he wanted to do this voluntarily, but honestly, I was hesitant. I didn't want him to give this man - who clearly needed a lot of help - only a measley 30 cents. My pride and imagining how the homeless man would react to receiving only two coins caused me to be hesitant. However, I immediately then realized that I was the only problem in this situation and that I should just listen to Justus' words ... "


🙌🥲 I don't know what's got me more in my feelings, the fact that our "baby" boy looks like he's in college here in his...

Pubblicato da Justice Smith su Giovedì 23 dicembre 2021

"Then I thought to myself: This is what we taught Justus and now that he wants to give away everything he has on him, are you going to let your personal self-centeredness ruin this moment? Leading by example is what we have taught him, so now let him guide you in this gesture of kindness. I rolled down the window, hoping the guy wouldn't be offended by us only giving him 30 cents. Then I said, "I'm sorry man, I have no money with me, but my son here wants to give you everything he has on him right now. He just turned 5!"

The smile on man's face lit up and he said to Justus: "God bless you little man! Thank you very much!"
But this is not the point. Our son's pure and genuine act of kindness also caused a chain reaction behind us AFTER the light went green in the rush hour traffic. Our child, without even realizing it, reminded me once again with his actions that life is always about acting from the heart. It doesn't matter how much you have or not; giving with love and sincerity often blesses others more than we believe. I am truly grateful to Justus for the lesson he taught me today! "

It doesn't matter if a gesture is trivial or not - the important thing is to do it from the heart: that's what makes the difference!