This woman spent only £ 163 pounds…
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This woman spent only £ 163 pounds ($ 220 dollars) on shopping in 2021

February 20, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

The weekly shopping at a supermarket is certainly one of the most consistent expenses in the life of each of us. Food is obviously indispensable and other essential products for home and personal care are important too, so you don't have too much choice other than to buy these items - and you have to put a lot of money into your bank account just for this! Sharon Adams, a 48-year-old English woman, however, seems to have found a way to spend very little and, therefore, has made great savings. Sharon's most stunning claim was that she spent only £ 163 pounds ($ 220 dollars) on food and other essentials in 2021. It seems impossible, but thanks to years and years of experience and a few small tricks, Sharon has really managed to save so much money and spend so little. Let's see how she did this:

via: The Mirror

Do you notice prices and special offers when you go shopping? Do you go to more than one supermarket or do you have other shopping strategies? Sharon Adams has been honing her technique for over ten years and she can happily say that she has saved a lot of money over the past year. Is it possible to spend less than two hundred pounds ($ 270 dollars), over the course of the whole year, on everyday food? Apparently she does and it also has to do with avoiding waste. The woman is extremely selective in the purchase of food and she obviously looks for all the products marked with a stamp that indicates an offer. The first step is therefore to buy discounted products - a strategy that, for better or worse, most  of us already use in everyday life.

After that, Sharon integrates her shopping with a British application, Olio, which allows her to buy a whole series of products that people give away or that the supermarkets themselves donate because they are about to expire or remain unsold. This is a great way to fight waste and save money at the same time!

Even other essential products, such as hair conditioner, can be bought for very little; Sharon manages to buy it, for example, for only 10 pence. "I have a budget of £ 10 a week for grocery shopping and I often find that I can spread that amount much further," said Sharon. The woman has two large freezers in the house, where she can store perishable products, such as meat and fish or other frozen vegetables. In her local area, she tends to go to supermarkets in the evenings, when she knows they will have more products on offer and for sale, for example. Thanks to all these little tricks, she has really managed to consistently save on purchases of essentials that she now finds herself with a very large actual overall saving.

How do you do your shopping? Are you attentive to the products on offer?

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