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"My teenage daughter has a baby, but…
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"My teenage daughter has a baby, but I refuse to help her out on the weekends"

February 10, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

It is not easy to be the parent of a teenage child, but we assure you that it is not so easy either to be a caring and loving grandparent at the same time. Although it is quite rare to be the father of a teenage girl and a grandfather at the same time, the subject of this story had the thankless task of carrying out both these parental roles at the same time - with many difficulties. The man explains all of this to us in an story that he posted to the web and that attracted the attention of many users...

via: The Sun UK

The man told of having a 17-year-old daughter who has recently become a mother. Now therefore, he is both a father and a grandfather at the same time - yet this family situation has created quite a bit of friction with his daughter. This is because the girl, despite being a mother for at least a year, intends to finish her studies at high school and then wants to enroll in university. To help her do this, the father agreed to pay for childcare for his one-year-old granddaughter until her mother has completed her studies. As the man said, "I will take care of the childcare expenses and everything related to the child (diapers, clothes, insurance, etc.) until my daughter's graduation. In return, my daughter will focus on school and she will take care of the baby when she is at home - like on weekends. "

But then the pandemic arrived and the family, to ensure the health of the little girl, hired a nanny to take care of the child while her teenage mother was at school attending classes. But the girl's father was shocked when he found out that her daughter had hired the nanny, even for weekends! This allowed her to go out on the weekends and socialise with her friends. The man did not agree at all with this decision of his daughter - he was absolutely convinced that it is a great responsibility and privilege to take care of a small child, and that for these "parenting" jobs, there are no free weekends...

The man explained: "My daughter was offered three choices after she became pregnant. Abortion, adoption or maintenance of the baby with the agreement I have already explained in my story. She refused to consider anything but to keep the child. But this is not the deal we had - I did not agree that she have weekends off to go out with her friends and relax. Motherhood is serious business. "

His daughter, in tears, explained to him that she had hired the nanny herself on the weekends because she felt that her life was only one of study and motherhood, and she felt tired and depressed from not having any free time. Many sided with her father but others took to the defense of his 17-year-old daughter.

And you? Whose side would you take in this story?

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