Mother of a 6-month-old baby reveals how she can get 8 hours sleep a night -
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Mother of a 6-month-old baby reveals…
Mother of three is fed up hearing about the perfect homes of other mothers:

Mother of a 6-month-old baby reveals how she can get 8 hours sleep a night

February 09, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

If you have been a mother at least once, you know perfectly well that it is not at all easy to take care of your baby, especially in the first year of life, when it is more common to lose many hours of sleep because he or she is hungry, is fussing or cries all the time. What should a mother - but also a father do - to try to keep their eyes on little one, never let him or her lack for anything and, and the same time, make up for the hours and hours of lack of sleep and without looking like a zombie in the morning?

An ingenious mother shared her baby-care tips on her popular TikTok account - with the aim of helping out countless other mothers who just do not know what to do to catch up on hours and hours of lost sleep - especially at night. As she showed in the video posted on her social media network, Desiree said that she is now catching up on hours of being exhausted and is sometimes sleeping well over eight hours a night now -  and this is all because she suddenly had an absolutely brilliant idea.

As she told her readers on TikTok, Desiree has installed a real "child-proof" fence around the bed where she sleeps with her 6-month-old baby. The fence is robust and safe enough such that her little son can also wake up during the night and walk around the bed area without necessarily having to wake up his mother and without the danger of accidently pushing the protective barrier over...

This obviously doesn't mean that Desiree never wakes up in the night or that she doesn't care for her child at all. As she says on TikTok, she wakes up to breastfeed her son or when he is tired or particularly fussy or hungry. When he wants to play instead he does nothing more than literally getting off the soft mattress of the big bed to find himself surrounded by his toys. As shown in the images she shared, this intelligent mother has created a large space for her son's toys around the area of the bed, so that at 6 months of age, she is already preparing him to responsible and independent. And, as Desiree says, "He he does his own thing while I do mine, comfortably and safely within our adequate spaces."


This is an absolutely original and ingenious idea that many mothers on the web have admired and applauded. Nobody, it seems, has thought of the trick of enclosing the master bed where their child sleeps to allow him or her to move around independently and without the fear that he or she will fall and get hurt. Additionally, they are surrounded by a "fort" of toys that can keep them distracted - perhaps while mom does her thing or just catches up on some lost sleep.

What do you think of the practical and functional idea of this mother? Will it work in the long run? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!


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