Kindly boy gives his sneakers to a less fortunate child -
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Kindly boy gives his sneakers to a less…
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Kindly boy gives his sneakers to a less fortunate child

January 25, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Virtues, such as compassion and kindness, should be taught not only in school but also in homes. First and foremost, parents should teach their children to always be empathetic, sympathetic and kind to their peers. But some do not pay heed to these words and wisdom because they are too arrogant to listen. Many understand the value of these virtues only when they become adults or when it is too late; others know how to put these principles into practice from an early age, becoming models of virtuous behavior which serve as an example for all of us.

This is the touching story of a little boy named Heitor, who had the goodness of heart to help a peer of his age as best he could - thereby astonishing his parents and everyone who was present at the moving scene. While Heitor was having dinner at a restaurant with his family in the Brazilian city of Araçatuba, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he left the table for a moment and then returned announcing to everyone about the decision he had made - a decision that momentarily left everyone stunned. Dad Jonathan Pereira described what happened in a post on Instagram, which has become extremely popular with users

In his post, Jonathan said that his son Heitor had the heartwarming idea of giving his shoes to a child of the same age who was also at the restaurant at the time and couldn't afford shoes of his own. Heitor announced: "I'm going to donate my sneakers to that kid - God told me to!" Obviously Heitor's parents, were surprised and emotionally moved at the same time, and replied that if he really felt it was the right thing to do, he could give the child his sneakers - but first he had to ask the other child if he was the same shoe size as Heitor. The answer was in the affirmative.

In the short video that was posted on Instagram by dad Jonathan Pereira, you can clearly see the kind, little Heitor move confidently towards the other child, approaches him and gives him his sneakers. This is an apparently simple, but truly extraordinary gesture for a child of Heitor's age.


Let's face it, nowadays, it is not at all easy to meet children who are so empathetic, kind, supportive and ready to lend a hand to those who are less fortunate than them. After reading this very tender story of solidarity between children, it is always important to remember this one thing: it is not true that the youngest generation is growing up without the values and virtues of the past - and little Heitor is the perfect proof of this truth!


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