Young woman denied entry into taxi because the driver was too tired: she offers to drive herself home -
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Young woman denied entry into taxi because…
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Young woman denied entry into taxi because the driver was too tired: she offers to drive herself home

January 04, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Working whilst tired is something very familiar to those who freelance or work night shifts. Unfortunately, however, it is necessary to work to earn a dignified living and considering how the world is, many people are forced to stay in work even though they may be elderly. And if they didn't do this, how would they get by otherwise?

Cristina Tan is a young woman who was trying to get home the night she hailed a taxi, driven by a particularly tired seventy-year-old man. The driver clearly told her that he could not let her in, as he did not feel confident in his driving: he was too sleepy. Cristina, however, had to get home, so she made the taxi driver an unusual offer.

via: Newsinfo

Cristina Tan needed to go home and when she finally managed to hail a taxi, the driver refused to accept her as a customer. It might be strange to be turned down as customer, but the driver had good reasons for doing so: he felt too tired and did not want to endanger the life of the young woman by driving in his exhausted condition. What would happen if he fell asleep at the wheel? He simply couldn't take that chance! Cristina, however, instead of feeling frustrated by the refusal, understood the taxi driver's problem and made an unusual proposal: she would drive herself home and he could take a rest in the back seat of the taxi.

Initially, the taxi driver was a bit dubious about letting her drive, especially since the car had a manual gearbox. But this did not pose a problem to Cristina and, after only a few minutes, the taxi driver fell asleep in the back seat of his own taxi while the young woman drove.

Cristina not only managed to get herself home, but her actions had given the tired taxi driver a helping hand by letting him catch up on his sleep. Speaking to him, the girl discovered that the man was 70 years old and had been a taxi driver since the 1960s. He was very tired, but he had to keep working to be able to support his family. The young woman showed all her respect and empathy for this man - a man who was constantly tired from working long, exhausting shifts every day.

On this occasion, the taxi driver can truly say that he had the good fortune to meet a good customer and a good person!


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