Family leaves dirty diapers on a restaurant table: their waiter takes action -
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Family leaves dirty diapers on a restaurant…
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Family leaves dirty diapers on a restaurant table: their waiter takes action

January 15, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

In our daily lives we get to bear witness to many different situations and behaviors and experience the unique nature of these. Many of these experiences are positive and sweet, while others can be quite the opposite.

Often we can't believe our eyes. Sometimes we witness things that we could never have imagined seeing. This includes acts of  questionable behavior that, when they happen, cannot help but get us to wonder how some people fail to recognise their selfishness and thoughtlessness towards those around them.  The story we are about to tell you is a sad example of all this.

The main character of this story, a restaurant waiter, published his experience on the Twitter page @SoyCamarero. Along with many other employees, he shared a photo on the web showing the open and blatant rudeness of some people.

"Please, if you have young children, don't do this" is the comment of the waiter of a local restaurant about the pile of dirty diapers left on a table where a family had just eaten.

Countless comments flooded in from users who took the side of the restaurant waiter. According to them, the behavior of the customers was a flagrant act of disrespect towards the waiter. Thinking that they can treat others to any kind of behavior just because they are paying clients, is absolutely not fair and shows a strong selfishness. Not to mention that the dirty, unhygienic diapers were taken off of the babies and simply left on a table in a place that serves food to the public.

What if a family arrived at the restaurant and saw these filthy items laying on the table they were to be seated at? Would this family have liked to sit at a table where other people had left items of this unhygienic nature? It would be appropriate for us to reflect on our intended behavior and take into account that we do not always have the right to do whatever we feel like.

Several people who read and commented on the employee's story on Twitter have observed that, some people with children feel free to act however they want, regardless of their behavior's impact on others. Of course, we can understand that working with the public can be somewhat complicated and difficult at times. Most of the time, we find ourselves dealing with cordial and polite people, but sometimes, from others, being rude is their approach to life.

The Twitter page @SoyCamarero wants to collect the experiences of those who, like the waiter in this story, work in restaurants, bars and the like. The aim is to raise awareness of what happens in these working environments. It is important, they state, to make people understand that every worker can experience unpleasant moments like this and that customers and clients should have respect for those that provide services to them.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? Do you agree on the waiter's indignation or not?


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