Child sees two women in wedding dresses and says: "Look - fairytale princesses!" -
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Child sees two women in wedding dresses…
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Child sees two women in wedding dresses and says: "Look - fairytale princesses!"

December 23, 2021 • By Mark Bennett

Although we live in a society that is increasingly progressive and open to increased diversity, there are still steps to be taken to ensure that everyone openly accepts minorities of all kinds. Whether it is ethnicity, religion, sex, gender orientation or simply physical appearance, not everyone is ready yet to eliminate all prejudices against the "marginalized" of society. But perhaps hope is coming from the youngest generation - our children ...

via: Mirror UK

To show how children are often truly special and see people without any typical, adult prejudice, take the example of Bea and Emma Webster-Mockett. They are a couple of English girls that got married in 2017 and celebrated their special moment by having their photo shoot in the stunning and evocative location of Glasgow's Botanical Gardens. While the two newlyweds were there to celebrate their special moment together with their photographer, something natural, but at the same time extraordinary, happened...

A very young child walking with his mum in the Glasgow Botanic Gardens, saw Emma and Bea walking down the boulevard in their elegant white dresses. The child stopped his mum and with eyes full of astonishment, exclaimed: "Look mom, there are two princesses!"

The newlyweds never expected to hear such a reaction, as they were more used to hearing insulting comments from adults who do not accept the form of their love. But this comment came from a child who was still young enough not yet to have formed adult prejudices which frown upon same-sex couples and marriages. For the child, they were just two beautiful princesses who had stepped out of the storybook that his mother read to him every night before going to sleep.


The tender and unexpected moment was captured by the photographer who was taking the couple's wedding pictures, and Bea Webster posted the emotional images to Twitter  - showing the moment they were stopped by the cute child who had been enchanted by the couple's beauty and happiness.

All our best wishes for a very happy life, Emma and Bea!


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