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He did not have time to eat during his…
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He did not have time to eat during his 16-hour shift: a customer returns with food for him

December 22, 2021 • By Mark Bennett

Frequently and fortunately, it is the small gestures that make a difference in this world. For some it may seem trivial, but a small gesture can change the day of many people. Proof of this was TikTok user Demi Lee, who discovered that a convenience store cashier couldn't find time to grab a bite during his exhausting 16-hour shift. Faced with realisation, the woman wanted to do something to help him out and she promised that she would return later with some food for him. The cashier was disbelieving, but he later had to change his mind, much to his astonishment. And needless to say, he was thrilled to finally get something to eat!

Demi Lee's video tells the story: a female customer entered a gas station shop in Las Vegas and she found out that the shop clerk was in the middle of a 16-hour shift, unable to take a break and get himself a hot meal. This was particularly absurd considering his job is to serve hungry customers or those in need of refreshment. This meant that the employee had gone hungry for most of his working day - and so Demi Lee decided to do a good deed and brighten his working day!

When Lee returned to the store with a bag full of ribs, cheese noodles and beans, the employee couldn't believe his eyes: "Oh my God! You're back!" He couldn't believe she'd kept her promise to bring him food. "I told you I'd be back," she replied, seeing his look of surprise.

The woman filmed the clerk's reaction and posted it on TikTok. The video was very popular because of the kindness and generosity of her gesture. It takes very little to change a person's day for the better, don't you think? We hope that this simple act of kindness can be an example for everyone to do something similar for others.


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