No one moves to let a man in a wheelchair onto the bus: the driver makes everyone get off -
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No one moves to let a man in a wheelchair…
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No one moves to let a man in a wheelchair onto the bus: the driver makes everyone get off

November 30, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Facing the world from a wheelchair is not always easy, especially since most large cities lack the infrastructure that allows those in a wheelchair to move easily. A very high percentage of disabled people using wheelchairs say they have particular difficulties with public transport, which is notoriously poorly equipped for citizens with special needs. Often the problem is that even when the bus is equipped with a platform, the problem cannot be solved, because, perhaps, the driver does not know how to operate it. At other times, however, it is the indifference of other people which leaves us speechless. The testimony of François Le Berre, a disabled man who was waiting for his bus at the stop, speaks to us precisely of this indifference.

François Le Berre was waiting for the bus at the bus stop, in his wheelchair, in his city, Paris. We often have to wait for a considerable time when waiting for public transport and the frustration becomes even greater when, upon the arrival of the long awaited vehicle, one cannot even get on due to the high number of passengers already inside. When François's bus came to a stop, none of the passengers did anything to make room for his wheelchair. After a few minutes in which no one deigned to lift a finger to help the man and his companion, François thought that he would have to wait for the next bus. 

Arrêt de bus 16h16 Hier en attendant le bus à Paris, j'ai rigolé; car personne ne voulait se pousser. Comme personne ne...

Pubblicato da François Le Berre su Venerdì 19 ottobre 2018

François had just about given up hope - he would not have been able to get on that bus - when the driver realized what was going on. The man got up from his seat and shouted: "The journey is over! Everybody out". The shocked passengers had to get off the bus, complying with the request of the driver who refused to move the bus. The driver then went to François and said: "You and whoever accompanies you can get on. All the others: they can wait for the next bus!". In short, the driver gave a good lesson in civility to an entire bus full of rude people. 


François reported his account of these events on Facebook, saying he had had a laugh that day. Ever since he posted this, people all over the world have been praising the bus driver and wishing François the best. Some even urged the French president to honor the driver's actions!

For sure, the bus driver sent a great message to all those inconsiderate passengers: we hope they got it!


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