After1445 days in foster care, her elementary…
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After1445 days in foster care, her elementary teacher decides to adopt her

December 01, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Strange as it may sound, having a mum and a dad, a loving family and a roof under which to live with them surrounded by affection and warmth is a privilege that not all children in this world can experience. Whether we like it or not, there are hundreds of thousands of children around the world who are still waiting to be adopted by a father, a mother or both in order to finally have a home of their own, a family to love and be loved by forever; a desire that sometimes translates into reality for some, for other less fortunate children a childhood in the foster care system can be a horrible but necessary alternative ...

via: ABC 7 News

But today we want to talk to you about an adoption story with a happy ending, a moving and extraordinary story that tuoched us led us to shed a tear of with emotion. The little girl at the centre of this event is called Loralie and she is 9 years old, a girl who has been in the care of the American social services system since she was only 4 years old and who spent 1445 days waiting to be adopted.

The coolest thing about this whole story with a decidedly sad beginning is that little Loralie was officially adopted by her elementary school teacher Zoe Henry whom she had met in the period when the little girl was in her second year of school. Here are the emotional words of mom Zoe: "She completes our family, completes our life. She brings so much adventure, joy, fun and daring to everything we do, so she is absolutely perfect. I'm trying not to cry as I say these words, but I can't help it!"


Obviously, the papers to be signed and the bureaucratic process to formalise little Loralie's adoption were not easy steps, everything should have come to a happy conclusion during 2020 but then the outbreak of the global pandemic also temporarily blocked the processing of requests for adoption and fostering for children waiting for a new family.

But all is well what ends well, after 1445 days of foster care, now Loralie has a family all to herself, which will give her love and affection forever; and all this thanks to Zoe Henry, the sweet elementary school teacher who couldn't help but welcome her very special pupil into the family!



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