A woman leaves a café table in dire…
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A woman leaves a café table in dire condition, the managers retaliate by posting the photos online

December 09, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When a customer with the 11-month-old baby left, the waiter couldn't believe his eyes: stained tablecloth, lots of empty containers - cups, jars and bottles - overturned, cake scraps squashed all over the place, a broken cup . All the napkins had been used to clean the baby and a mountain of sugar had been spilled as well as being soaked in milk and coffee. The toast had been cast a couple of meters around the table. In short, a disaster. So, the owners of the café decided to react in an unusual way ...

via: The Sun UK

Ramsgate is a town of around 40,000 souls located in southern England and Corby's Tea Room is considered an elegant café and a refined meeting point in the center of the town overlooking the sea. It was in this chic place that a mother fed her 11-month-old baby breakfast by ordering a typical English breakfast complete with baked goods from Kent, the region where Ramsgate is located. Too bad that - after having eaten - the lady went away, leaving behind her a bleak landscape, made up of leftover food, broken cups, scattered napkins.

The managers of Corby's Tea Room, indignant, photographed everything and posted it on the net complaining about the rudeness of young mothers. The tablecloth had been stained, all the containers - cups, jars, bottles - had been overturned, the cake "decorated" the table and chairs. The shards of a cup stood out in plain sight. All the napkins had been used to clean the baby and a mountain of sugar had been spilled as well as being soaked in milk and coffee. In short, it looked like a real battlefield ...


People are fuming.

Pubblicato da The Sun su Giovedì 18 novembre 2021

In general, customers are the ones who post their comments about bars and restaurants on the net. In this case, the café owners wanted to take the satisfaction of recording and commenting on what had happened. An attitude that, however, was not appreciated by all Internet users. Many have taken the mother's side. According to them, it would be normal, when caring for such a small child, not to be able to maintain impeccable order. According to many women, mothers would also be justified in leaving a mess, by the high prices that this type of coffee shop imposes on their customers.

The café managers, for their part, pointed out that no names were given in the post, nor were there any photos of the mother with her baby. Therefore their disapproval remained a generic accusation and was not addressed to anyone in particular.

Of course, the debate between "guilty" and "innocent" has been opened. And you, what do you think of this story?



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