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"No hypocritical family members at my…
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"No hypocritical family members at my funeral": a woman writes the funeral guest list in her obituary

November 22, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Death is, unfortunately, an inevitable event in the lives of each of us and which, sooner or later, we will have to face. There are those who are more provident than others and are committed to writing a detailed will and those who, on the other hand, do not care at all, perhaps thinking that that moment will never come. A Spanish woman whose identity we do not know nor her precise age at the time of her death wanted to organize a very particular aspect of her funeral down to the smallest details, before moving on to the after life: she wanted to organize the guests at her funeral. The woman, in fact, wanted to specify that she did not want the presence of family members who had not been there for her during her life. For her it would have been hypocritical of them to show up at her funeral: "To all those who never cared about me when I was alive: continue staying away from me, just like before!".

via: News18

Who would want false and self-righteous people at their birthday or at any important event? Probably none, and that's the reason why, even in a solemn and important event like a funeral, the "protagonist" relegated to the coffin doesn't want to have these kinds of people crying for her. They would surely be fake tears. The woman who made headlines despite being deceased was presented with the name of Doña Må Paz Fuentes Fernández and the woman posted, in her obituary, a list of the people invited to her funeral:

"Since my family has not been a part of my life for a long time, I declare in my last wishes and testament that only the people mentioned below are allowed to attend my funeral, church or cemetery."


The obituary went viral and many users expressed their respect for the deceased lady and her courage. "If they left her alone during her lifetime, they can also keep away with their hypocrisy, far from the funeral. A great lesson. from this lady who put them in their place!" is one of the comments you can read on Twitter. Another user commented: "Mrs. Maria Paz has all my respect and my total admiration, may she rest in peace".

What do you think of this rather unusual behavior? We hope that there are few hypocritical people in your life and that you can enjoy moments of happiness with those closest to you while you are alive.

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