They tell her that she's expecting twin…
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They tell her that she's expecting twin girls, so she spends £ 500 on dresses: in the end she gives birth to 3 boys

November 02, 2021 • By Alison Forde

After anxiously awaiting a pregnancy with her husband Craig, 34-year-old Gina Dewdney was convinced that she would give birth to two beautiful twins. Even before undertaking any ultrasound, the woman felt she was carrying twins in her womb because the pregnancy was giving her some additional problems, including nausea, insomnia and contractions. So it wasn't a big surprise for her to find out she was pregnant with twins, but she certainly didn't expect to be carrying 3 babies! The surprises for this couple did not end there: until the fifth ultrasound, the doctor had asserted with some conviction that Gina would have given birth to three girls, of which two would be monozygotic twins. Gina and her husband were so convinced of this, that they have bought all the cutest dresses they could find for little girls; the surprise for them was huge when they found themselves with three boys!

Gina and Craig were so excited at the thought of having daughters that they spent over £500 on girls' clothes and decorations. The sonographer's news, on the other hand, caught them off guard. Gina claims to have understood why the sonographer made a mistake in identifying the sex of the children before birth: "They never stayed still for a second, there was always some arm or leg that prevented them from seeing well". Gina admitted that she felt a little "devastated" by the news, but today she is very happy together with her triplets Jimmy, Jenson and Jaxon: "Today we could not imagine our lives without them". 

The three babies were all delivered at the same time, a unusual case, and remained in the hospital for 42 days before making a full recovery. Gina, however, says she didn't give away any of the dresses she had bought thinking she would have girls, because after a first communication error, perhaps, there could have been another one. And instead, in the end, it was three beautiful boys that enriched the lives of Gina and Craig!


Naturally, Gina and Craig, have had their lives upside down and have had to create a little more space in the house. Their spending has increased to the extent that they admit to going through about 30 diapers a day, 24 bottles and a tub of formula milk every 48 hours. The clothes they bought earlier are hidden in the closet - you never know she and Craig might welcome a girl in the future|

"Some people may think I'm crazy just for considering having another baby after having triplets. But I wouldn't rule out having a litlte girl in the future!" Gina said.

Congratulations to this splendid family! 


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