A mom decides to exclude paternal grandparents…
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A mom decides to exclude paternal grandparents from her daughters' lives: they did nothing but criticize their appearance

November 03, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When we decide to start a family, we always think about all the positive sides that this choice will bring us: from having a house all to ourselves where we can live with our partner, up to the possible decision to have a child and to give birth to the fruit of the love we feel for our life partner. But rarely do we think that the most hidden pitfalls in creating a family often come from our close relatives, from those who in such a delicate moment of our life should support us rather than continually criticize our family.

Arielle, a very active mother on social media and mainly on TikTok, told her followers that she had taken a drastic decision regarding her in-laws, that is, her husband's parents; she had noticed lately that every time she brought her two daughters home to their paternal grandparents, the latter did nothing but criticize the appearance of their eldest granddaughter. Not only did they always complain about her haircut or her clothing, they couldn't help but criticize the girl's weight with subtle digs.

An attitude that Arielle could no longer tolerate ...

The straw that broke the camel's back, as far as mom Arielle's patience was concerned, was when the in-laws made an all too direct observation towards the little girl's physical appearance: they told her eldest granddaughter that her belly was too big. Since then, the woman has made a rather drastic decision that she explained on TikTok and which has divided the opinion of her followers online; she would no longer allow her two daughters meet their paternal grandparents, in order to preserve and safeguard her little girls from any psychological trauma.


Obviously, the opinions from her followers and viewers immediately made themselves felt, and for this reason many have clearly sided with the decision of mother Arielle, convinced that the mental health of her two daughters was the absolute priority, while others could not help but point out to the woman that probably the enforced distance from their paternal grandparents could damage them in just as many ways, in the future.

Faced with such a family situation, how would you have lined up? Would you have defended mom Arielle's drastic choice or would you have preferred that the grandchildren and paternal grandparents would continue to meet?

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