After 19 miscarriages she gives birth to a record-breaking baby: at birth he weighed more than 6 kg -
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After 19 miscarriages she gives birth…
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After 19 miscarriages she gives birth to a record-breaking baby: at birth he weighed more than 6 kg

October 29, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Never give up on your dream, even if this may involve having to face sacrifice after sacrifice, years and years of waiting for this to be fulfilled. After all, it's never too late to achieve one's goal, even if this seems practically impossible to achieve. Cary Patonai knows this very well; the woman who suffered nineteen miscarriages before giving birth to a third child. And when she arrived, there was immediately a family party!

via: USA Today

Cary and Tim Patonai have always longed for a third child, but to be able to realize this great dream they've had to face the pains of many losses; just think that Cary suffered a total of 19 miscarriages, and each time her heart and her husband's heart broke due to the ending of the pregnancy: "Two of the miscarriages I suffered were twins. It was traumatic for the whole the family, especially for our eldest son Devlen. Each loss broke not only my heart and that of my husband Tim, but also that of our little Devlen."

After 17 miscarriages, the second child, Everett, arrived, but before the arrival of the record-breaking baby Finnley, the poor woman had to go through two more miscarriages, making a total of nineteen in her life. But the unexpected arrival of little Finnley finally brought joy to the Patonai family.

Just think that at Finnley's birth, the newborn weighed more than 6 kilograms (13 pounds), an incredible record that not even the gynecologist who cared for the woman during her pregnancy dared to imagine: "The gynecologist who performed my caesarean said that in 27 years he hadn't I've never seen a baby that size. There was so much excitement when the baby was born, now he's pretty much a star in the hospital!" Cary said.

Not only was the third member of the Patonai family a considerable weight, over double that of the average baby, but he was also quite "tall" for his very tender age: over 60 centimeters, unbelievable!


Now that the record-breaking little baby is out of the hospital and back home, he's giving his mother a lot of work; Cary said that her third child wears clothes suitable for babies from 6 to 9 months, as those that are smaller and made for his age do not fit in the slightest!

A very small price to pay for immense joy: giving birth to a child after suffering so much is by no means a trivial matter. Congratulations to this amazing family on their new member!


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