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A professor holds his student's son…
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A professor holds his student's son in his arms, when the student cannot find a babysitter

September 29, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Being a teacher does not only mean transmitting information and concepts to your pupils, but also and above all taking care of their education. Emotionally supporting them not only in their studies but also in life - this should be the job of those who dedicate their lives to teaching, especially for younger children. In fact, teachers and professors are like parents and real guides that each of us benefit from in life. There are those who are more fortunate and manage to make it into the classes of professors with a heart of gold, truly dedicated to their work. One of these girls, Imani Lamarr, was lucky enough to attend Professor Aqeel Dix's lectures at Lincoln University. The young woman, being the single mother of a premature baby, had a bit of difficulty in following all the lessons, but Professor Aqeel was able to meet her needs, allowing her to follow her lesson in the best possible way.

Young student Imani Lamarr couldn't find anyone to look after her son during Professor Aqeel Dix's college class, so she was considering taking time off. The professor, however, understanding the situation and the difficulites that his student was going through at that time, decided to help her with a truly human gesture. He told her to take her little son Christopher to class and that he would hold him and watch him all the time, allowing her to follow the lesson without interruption.

The student had already been through a great deal after giving birth to a premature baby: "It was really hard. Going to the hospital every day, seeing him and not being able to help him, was hard," said Lamarr, who can now breathe a sigh of relief.

A gesture that showed how much the professor cared about his students - more than a year has passed since then and today young Imarr is well on her way to graduation. A goal that she certainly could not have reached alone, without the support of those who love her and who care about her education. Professor Aqeel was an important help in her career as a student and mother.

If only all teachers were like that!



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