A troubled mother asks for help from…
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A troubled mother asks for help from her daughter who is in work but is called "the worst mother in the world"

October 20, 2021 • By Alison Forde

There are many stories of families experiencing financial difficulties in a world where, at times, young people can earn more than their parents. Very often, children are unwilling to help their parents even though they live under the same roof, conflict that is now very widespread in today's society. In the United Kingdom, in fact, the story of a divorced mother in serious economic difficulties who asked for help from her intern daughter who earns an excellent salary caused a sensation on social media. The 16-year-old's response, however, was dry: "You are the worst mom in the world." The mother later told online what happened and soon two camps were formed: a group of users who support the woman and another group which believes that the girl is too young to have to contribute to the household expenses ...

via: The Mirror

"It's not nice to be called the worst mom in the world" wrote the English mother on social media "even less so when you try to do everything for the happiness of your children." This separated mother with a mortgage on her shoulders, no longer gets any family allowance given the age of her daughter and finds herself having to bear all the expenses of her house and the girl who lives with her. The girl is 16 and has found an internship that makes her more than £14,000 a month. Having no essential expenses, the girl spends her money only on her own entertainment.

Therefore, the mother had the idea of asking the sixteen-year-old for a contribution of about 50 pounds for household expenses. "It wouldn't be a large sum" says the mother, "but it would replace the money I no longer receive from the government since it ended my family allowance, given the girl's age. In addition to the fact that the father is no longer here or paying for my daughter's school fees."


This request, however, sparked the wrath of the teenager who went on a rampage. “In addition to paying for lunch that she could very well take from home,” said the mother, “She doesn't have to pay anything. From meals, to heating, from laundry expenses to electrcity bills. I even pay for her telephone contract, as well as for the TV and the bus. Of course, this is nothing special; I think it is right that this is the case, until they are able to earn something on their own." For this mother it's time that the daughter also contributes to the upkeep of the house and makes a contribution to lighten the expenses that both - living under the same roof - have to bear every month.However, the daughter seemed not to think this was right.

"When I asked her for help, she made me feel like the worst mother in the world. I ask myself why she thinks her behavior is right and above all I don't understand where I went wrong in raising her" concludes the mortified mother. Unfortunately, the quarrel between mother and daughter never came to a conclusion that suited both of them. On social media, however, it seems that users have been divided. On the one hand there are those who justify the daughter who on the other hand is free to spend her salary freely after a hard month of work, on the other hand there are many users who put themselves in the shoes of the mother struggling to make ends meet.

Surely a situation that is not easy to manage, but with a little patience and a lot of dialogue we are sure that mother and daughter will find an adequate solution to their disagreement!


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