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44 years ago she adopted a newborn who…

44 years ago she adopted a newborn who had been abandoned in front of her home: today he thanks her for all the love

September 09, 2021 • By Alison Forde

In a world full of bad news, where mothers abandon their children, there are also stories full of positivity, which bode well for the future of humanity. Way back in 1977, a woman named Edith found an abandoned baby just outside her door. At the time the woman was only 27 years old, but, despite the initial shock of having found that little creature who was so defenseless, she knew very well what she had to do: take him with her and give him all the love possible. She would be his mom. That little boy, called David, is now grown up and has become a happy and fulfilled man in his work. Who can take credit for all this? Of his wonderful adoptive parents! Today David publicly thanks his mother for all the love and support she and his father have always given him.

When she videotaped that little bundle outside the door of her house, Edith was very excited; there was something about her that had already decided to adopt that little baby. She knew she would have to protect him at all costs. She named him David and, together with her husband, they raised him as their own son. David grew up happily in a loving family without knowing he was adopted. At 12, he began to have doubts about where he really came from as his classmates made fun of him because of having a different skin color to his parents. They claimed he had been adopted; David then went to her mother and asked her if it was true. Edith told him a half-truth, which was that she had adopted him from the hospital. The story of how she miraculously found him in front of her door only came out many years later, when David was by then 24.

David has never borne a grudge for not having been told initially that he was adopted, indeed, he has always thanked his family. His mother and his father, who unfortunately passed some years ago, were his guardian angels and he thanks his mother every day for the love received and "for playing with me".

"I am who I am thanks to my parents," said David gratefully. Now that his father is gone, David would like to return "the favor" to his mother by not leaving her alone. This is the love that unites children to their parents.


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