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"I clean my room, wash the dishes and…
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"I clean my room, wash the dishes and dust": the appeal from a 6-year-old boy who would like to be adopted

September 08, 2021 • By Alison Forde

In the world there are many children who are born and immediately find themselves forced to face a very different reality from the one they should enjoy. Many children, in fact, grow up without parents in an orphanage or are tossed from one foster family to another, in the hope that, one day, they will be adopted. For them, life isn't easy at all, but the one thing they want most in the world is a family that loves them and takes care of them. Aidan, a 6-year-old boy, has been separated from his two siblings as he is the only one of the three who has not yet found a family to adopt him. A blow to the heart, considering that the little one had already been estranged from his biological parents due to their negligence. Little Aidan seems not to have lost hope and has a message for his future parents: "I clean my room, wash the dishes and dust".

"I clean my room, do the dishes and dust," said little Aidan, 6, almost as if he were trying to convince the next family to adopt him. His two little brothers were adopted by two different families, while he is still without a real family. Aidan deserves to have a lifelong family that loves him and supports him as he grows up, at every stage of his life. He is currently in foster care, but sooner or later he would like to say the words "mom" and "dad" to refer to his forever parents.

Aidan, in addition to being a child who loves to be useful around the house, is also very good at school and loves trucks and superheroes, just like all children. Is it possible that to be adopted Aidan has to advertise the fact that he will be useful around the home? A child should simply be loved and we hope Aidan will soon find his forever home.


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