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A 13-year-old is girl expelled from…
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A 13-year-old is girl expelled from school because her outfit "she distracts the boys"

September 02, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Every self-respecting environment, such as school or office, has rules that everyone must follow. Among these rules there is often a dress code to be followed daily to avoid being inappropriately dressed. In some cases, these rules are written in black and white, while in others it is up to people's common sense not to show up in clothes that are inappropriate for the context. In other words, you avoid going to an exam in flip-flops, for example, or go to the office with excessively short shorts.

A father, however, sided with his 13-year-old daughter when her school expelled her for wearing a blue dress that, according to the teacher, "distracted the boys".

via: Today

Tony Alarcon, father of 13-year-old Demetra Alarcon, was particularly shocked by the decision by the head teacher at Raymond J. Fisher Middle School, California, to send his daughter home because of that day's outfit. The little girl, in fact, was wearing a blue dress and white sneakers, - what was wrong with that? According to the teacher, that blue dress was too short and "distracted the boys" from the lesson. The problem, therefore, was not so much her inappropriate dress as the fact that she distracted the pupils in the classroom.

Imagine being called out in class and being labeled as "out of place": at 13, it is probably even more difficult to deal with this type of situation. In fact, the young woman's father was very angry with the decision and with the methods adopted by the school, since he didn't believe at all that his daughter was violating any rules or that her clothing was inappropriate. With temperatures of more than 30 ° in the shade, on a hot summer day, what was the problem with wearing an innocent dress? The principal, however, did not want to back down on the decision to expel the girl from school.


A story that opens the debate again for the umpteenth time on the way women dress: why are boys allowed to go to school in shorts in the summer, while girls cannot be allowed to wear a dress? Isn't it more important that they feel comfortable and that they are able to learn the various subjects better? Most of the internet commentators have sided in favor of the father and the girl, believing that her clothing was not at all "inappropriate".

What do you think of the decision taken by this school?

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