They don't realize that her son is sick and leave a hate note on the car parked in the disabled space -
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They don't realize that her son is sick…
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They don't realize that her son is sick and leave a hate note on the car parked in the disabled space

August 31, 2021 • By Alison Forde

How many times have you driven around in circles before finding a good parking space? Especially in big cities, parking your car can become a real problem. The most uncivilized people will have no qualms about double or even triple parking the car, or, even worse, in the place reserved for disabled drivers. But what happens when you judge a situation too quickly? Emma Doherty, a young single mom, was the target of heavy, offensive words, which she really didn't deserve. The woman had parked her car in a disabled place and rightly displayed the disabled badge on her dashboard. Someone, after seeing both her and her child getting out of the vehicle, had the unfortunate idea of leaving a note full of accusations: "Cheat! You didn't have a disabled person with you!". But the truth is not exactly like that ...

The note left on Emma's car left no room for misunderstanding: "You lazy conning bitch, you did not have a disabled person with you! These seats are reserved for people who need them!!!". Emma felt deeply offended by these unfounded and hasty accusations, so much so that she wanted to respond to the unknown (or unknowns) writer who allowed themself to judge her behavior so quickly. In a Facebook post full of anger, the young mother wanted to explain to the anonymous individual all the reasons why the accusations were completely unfounded. The point is that not all disabilities are actually visible, so it can be easy to judge without really knowing the full story.

The truth is that Emma's little son, Bobby, is suffering from serious illnesses and has had to undergo many surgeries, spending half of his short life in intensive care: "He had two strokes and was paralyzed, his brain was damaged and he has a malformation in his spine and hip, as well as a serious heart condition. The reason I didn't get out his wheelchair was because I was late "- this is just a small explanation of what her son Bobby has had to suffer, but even without knowing this background knowledge Emma states that "not everyone with a blue disabled badge needs a wheelchair!".

The woman angrily lashed out at the ignorance of some people, reiterating that not all disabilities are visible, which is why she wanted to attach a photo of her son Bobby, smiling and apparently without any kind of physical dysfunction.



Each disability involves different challenges and it's not always possible to identify them from the outside - one more reason to immediately stop judging the actions and behavior of others! Don't you agree?


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