She forces her daughter's friends to wear a seat belt in the car but ends up arguing with her mother -
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She forces her daughter's friends to…
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She forces her daughter's friends to wear a seat belt in the car but ends up arguing with her mother

August 28, 2021 • By Alison Forde

It is not easy to make people respect the rules, even less so if these people are small children and adolescents; you know, at this age you feel free and curious about the world, full of life and ready to start a new adventure every day. Yet, parents and adults do their best every day to educate their children from an early age to know how to respect others, themselves and to learn the basic rules for their own safety and security; just like this anonymous mom did, who turned to Reddit to rave about her after having an unexpected fight with the mother of her daughter's friend ...

The anonymous mom told Reddit that she has a twelve-year-old daughter who in turn has a best friend named Danielle; one day, the Danielle's mother asked the protagonist of this outburst to take her Danielle to school with her best friend in the car; the mother would drive and take the girls to school on the way, while Danielle's mother would pick them up after school. Another detail: Danielle has a 14-year-old older brother who, like his sister, doesn't seem to like wearing seat belts in the car, a detail that the protagonist of this story just didn't swallow. Here is her story: "My daughter is 12. She always struggled to make friends, but last year she met Danielle. For me, Danielle was a bit of a bully and cared a lot about popularity, being obsessed with making my daughter popular, but I thought she was just trying to help her, and she was nice. When the schools reopened, Danielle's mom asked me if I wanted to carpool, that is, I would accompany my daughter, Danielle and her brother to school and she would bring them back; I agreed. At first it went well and the girls liked it very much. But it was a constant struggle to get Danielle and her brother to wear seat belts. This is an unquestionable situation for me, whether you're a child or an adult. I even lost a friend in high school for that reason and it could have been avoided if she had worn it. I talked to their mom and she just shrugged.

But that's not all. One day, I had to stop by the post office before taking them home. I parked the car, went to the post office and returned. It took all of a minute, but by then Danielle and her brother had taken off their seat belts. I told them to put them back but they refused. I said I wouldn't drive until they put them on, so I sat motionless in the car until they put them on. It took 45 minutes. All the while, my daughter kept begging me to drive, but I refused. "

And the story ends like this: "I left them at their house. Back at my house, their mom calls me and tells me that I made her son late for a football match. I said it wouldn't have happened if he had only worn the seat belt. She told me I'm not their mother, so I can't order them to. I told her that if they are in my car, they follow my rules. It all ended with us agreeing to stop the Carpool agreement, which was fine with me.We finished the school year by taking our own children to school and that's it.

However, now Danielle's mom says the kids can't talk to each other until I apologize to Danielle and her brother. I refuse because I know I have done nothing wrong. My daughter is angry because Danielle is one of her few friends. My husband thinks I should fake an apology so our daughter can keep her friend, but I don't think it's worth it. My daughter is hurt and angry and she is not talking to me at the moment. What do you think I should do?"

In such a situation, how would you have behaved?


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