Two bathers help a disabled boy and his father take a swim in the sea: a dream come true -
Two bathers help a disabled boy and…
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Two bathers help a disabled boy and his father take a swim in the sea: a dream come true

August 24, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Marveling at the immensity of the ocean is a wonderful feeling that affects most people during their first years of life. It's always very exciting to see the reactions of our children when they encounter the sea for the first time, but although it may sometimes seem obvious, not everyone can enjoy the waves and the beach at an early age.

On the web we come across moving stories every day, but this one we are about to tell you cannot help but melt your heart. We are talking about the story of Jonathan, a boy suffering from a serious physical disability who, having never had the opportunity to take a bath in the sea in his entire life, managed to realize his great dream thanks to the loving help of two bathers.

This moving scene was shot by other bathers and was posted on the web, quickly going viral. Jonathan's father was trying with all his might to take him into the water to enjoy his first swim in the sea. Unfortunately, given the young man's already adult size, being able to take care of it completely alone was really difficult.

The sea was quite rough and the waves crashed chaotically on the shore, so keeping Jonathan on his feet was becoming more and more difficult for his father. Among the various swimmers who had approached to watch the scene, two of them were determined to help him: without thinking twice, they picked up the young man and carried him to an area not too far from the shore.

A dream come true

The father confidently entrusted Jonathan to the two bathers, visibly moved to see the great emotion felt by his son as the waves gently touched his body.

Undoubtedly, these two strangers contributed to making Jonathan's first day at the beach much more special than expected, giving him little moments of happiness that will remain indelibley in his heart. Maybe those two bathers were spending the last day at the beach before being catapulted into a new period full of work commitments, or quite simply enjoying a few hours of well-deserved relaxation after a very stressful week. What is certain is that instead of spending time for themselves, they preferred to spend a few minutes of their time helping a person in difficulty.


We have all been advised many times to spend our time well, because it is considered one of the most precious resources which has been given to us. Undoubtedly, spending time on yourself is vital, but given the smile on Jonathan's face, we can say without a doubt that the time spent helping someone in need is never wasted.


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