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He finds $500 in the ATM and returns…
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He finds $500 in the ATM and returns it: it was the rent money belonging to a 92-year old woman

August 06, 2021 • By Alison Forde

It doesn't often happen that you find yourself in a beautiful urban fairy tale, but Bobby Puryear can certainly say that he took part in one and that he showed an impeccable civic sense. The man had gone to an ATM to withdraw money, when he realized a rather unusual detail: the person who had withdrawn before him had left the entire amount in the slot from which the banknotes are dispensed. Bobby, despite being faced with a good 500 dollars that, in an instant, could have filled his wallet, decided to do the right thing, that is to return that sum to the rightful owner. Whoever it was.

via: Newsner

After finding that $500, Bobby went into the bank and shared the problem with the staff on duty. The cashier and the bank manager, however, weren't quite sure how to deal with this strange unexpected event, so they told Bobby that they would check through the security cameras to track down the owner of the money. After viewing the videos, the bank contacted Bobby the following day, telling him that they had tracked down the person who had used the ATM before him. Bobby got into the car right away, determined to go and give the money back to that person. Never was a gesture more welcome and necessary: ​​the distracted owner of that money, in fact, was a 92-year-old lady, named Edith, who had withdrawn $500 in order to pay her rent of $480. The woman was over the moon and to thank Bobby for his honesty, she offered him her last $20 as a reward. Needless to say, Bobby kindly turned down that lady's last change and, in fact, decided to do something more for her.

After that episode, however, Bobby kept wondering how Edith was going to make it to the end of the month with only $20, so he decided to intervene to help that old lady. He called the bank and asked if he could transfer $200 from his account to Edith's. His beautiful gesture had such a great echo, that a colleague of his also decided to donate $100 to Edith, starting an unexpected chain of solidarity. Some employees of the bank, who became aware of the story of Bobby and Edith, even decided to make a collection and donate some money to the old woman. In addition, Bobby invited Edith to spend Thanksgiving with her family and contacted a charity to take care of the woman who was left alone. In any case, Bobby reassured the old woman: for her, he would always be there.

We know that from one good deed, new ones always spring, so we should not hesitate to do good whenever we have the opportunity.


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