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A bully throws his sneakers in the toilet:…
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A bully throws his sneakers in the toilet: a schoolmate decides to buy him a new pair

August 06, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Gestures of kindness towards people less fortunate than us are one of the things which make us worthy of being called human beings. Values like compassion, empathy, solidarity can't be bought cheaply. For this reason, every hand extended to one's neighbor is a sign of how much we human beings are capable of changing the world in which we live. And of course, we are able in particular to change it for the better. We predict that the moving story we are about to tell you today will make you shed a few tears of emotion.

The protagonist of this story is called Tanner, he is an American teenager, and every day at school he is forced to suffer unpleasant attacks of bullying against him, not least the following episode, which was the straw that broke the camel's back. It seems that the boy was the victim of a horrible and very bad taste bullying: a friend of his age had ordered him to throw his two sneakers into one of the school toilets. Tanner's mother, Meghan Hendrix, once she learned what had happened, was shocked and heartbroken at the same time: "Last week at school Tanner was told by someone to take his shoes and put them in the WC. This absolutely broke my heart as his mother ... "

But luckily, someone from the high school that Tanner Hendrix attends knew about what had happened to the poor boy, and so decided that he too would act, but he would do battle with the weapons of kindness and empathy. A fifth-grade boy named Skyler knocked on the door of the Hendrix house one night to surprise the family, but especially Tanner: he showed up at the door with a brand new pair of sneakers, intended for the poor bullied teenager.

Mum Meghan was deeply affected by that gesture, so much so that she will never stop thanking Skyler for the kindness he put in place: "I will always be grateful to this boy for being there for Tanner and for reminding us all of what it just means being a good person!"


Pubblicato da Meghan Hendrix su Venerdì 6 novembre 2020

A simple and touching story that, however, is worth much more than a thousand words to the wind: a gesture of compassion and empathy can really make a difference and make the day of a less fortunate person practically unforgettable.

We are sure that young Tanner will forever be grateful to Skyler for this unexpected and truly welcome gift: that's how to do it!


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