A young boy sells popsicles to help…
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A young boy sells popsicles to help his poor family: his cart breaks and a stranger buys them all

August 17, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When a person is in a difficult condition, he can meet at that moment two types of people: those who immediately rush to help him and those who, on the contrary, pass by indifferently, without selfishly worrying about what is happening to them.

The story we are about to tell you certainly represents the most beautiful side of humanity: the protagonist is Diogo, a Brazilian child who, in a moment of great despair, was helped by two good and kind people, a sign that empathy still exists and which should be more widespread among people.

An act of kindness

Diogo's family struggles with a very difficult economic situation, as a result, the child does what he can to help them, selling popsicles around Juiz de Fora, a municipality in Brazil. One day, the cart he was pushing broke down in the middle of the road and the popsicles ended up on the hot asphalt. At the sight of his little cart in those conditions, and afraid that the popsicles might melt, Diogo fell into despair.

Witness to that sad scene was Gabriela Meira, a woman who was working in a shop located right on the road where the cart full of popsicles broke down. Seeing the child's desperation, Gabriela left everything and ran towards him, hoping to be able to fix the disaster. In addition to Gabriela, among the people who passed indifferently before him, the child was also helped by a guy called Kaio Trindale, who decided to buy all the popsicles before they melted. In this way, Diogo didn't suffer any financial losses and took the earned money home.

Embittered by the lack of sensitivity shown by the rest of the passers-by, Gabriela published the photos of Diogo and Kaio on Facebook, explaining what happened and criticising all those people who continued to mind their own business as if nothing had happened, indifferent to the child's tears.

Thinking about people's coldness really brings us a lot of sadness, because Diogo should have spent that day playing like all the other children, without having to live through his childhood selling popsicles to help his family survive. Given the tough economic situation and the lack of help from the government, Diogo cannot do anything else, so it would have been much more appropriate to show a little more sensitivity towards him. But all is well that ends well.

Altruism is a natural gift that should be found in everyone, not just the most empathetic people. Apparently, however, instead of spreading more and more, it seems that it is becoming a very rare asset.

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